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Meg Whitman has no idea how to turn around HP. The fact that HP does not expect to enter the smartphone market before 2014, despite owning Palm, and having at least some of its engineers as employees, seems to indicate she is  hardly interested in returning HP to a pioneering engineering company, but rather, wants to financial engineer her way to big bonuses.   Hence she is trying to use her political pull to make money which she doesn't know how to in the market.
You know you could have just chosen not to click the article if you weren't interested in HP at all.   Some of us, OTOH, who are interested in Apple, think that news about the industry it operates in, and its biggest competitors is also important.
1) Processor shipping isnt as regular as shipping the final product is. They probably have shipments going out weekly, if not even less frequently, simply because you have massive wafers which contain millions of chips. There simply isn't that much to ship.   2) Fab locations will be based on (a) areas close to where highly qualified people, who will guaranteed receive a ton of offers from different companies want to live and work and (b) close to really good research...
Could you clarify? Not sure what you mean (how do you hide the menus?). Are you talking about the Mini Player?
Ummm...no.    Full Screen is completely different from the green button. Maximize keeps you in the same desktop, while Full Screen creates a new space. There is a world of conceptual, and usage differences between the two.   And iTunes is one of the few buttons where the green button even means maximize. In most apps (e.g. Safari) it means best fit. Actually, technically, it means best fit in iTunes also, because the maximized fit is probably best fit for an iTunes...
http://www.red-sweater.com/blog/2840/toggle-itunes-11-miniplayerAppleScript seems unchanged other than issues with the mini player, whose scripting access seems to have changed.
You've never worked in a company bigger than 10-20 people, have you?   Never said it's not stupid. But it is extremely common (to the point where I doubt there are any companies where this does not happen).
I think my greatest frustration with Passbook is how Apple has failed to make it take off. It is a brilliant idea. An open ticketing standard, with real time push updates which can simply piggy back off Apple servers.   In the past, Apple has been awesome at taking a new technology, focusing on a few use cases, and selling those cases to the public, allowing the technology to become widespread, and then opening it up to its full potential. We saw this with touchscreens...
I think you have pointed out something what most other articles seemed to have missed. I think it is quite likely that Williamson was too close to Forstall for others to be comfortable working with him. Lets not forget that Forstall had him heading the most significant feature in iOS6, so he obviously placed a lot of faith in him, which would make the guys who disliked forstaall not big fans of Williamson's to say the least.
From the last profile of Scott Forstall, he is clearly a very ambitious individual who is also willing to play office politics to get his way. Not saying this is a bad thing, but that when you couple that with the rumored desire to be CEO, it is clear that the dynamics between him and Tim Cook cannot be all that great.
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