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While you are correct, the issue is that Apple still doesn't have a product for the off-contract market.I think the 5c was uniquely placed to be that product (considering how much of a jump the 5s is over the 5c) and I am surprised Apple did not take that opportunity.
Hah...If you think your comment is a T-Mob commercial, you should hear me talking sometime! Got about a week to go on my AT&T contract, and then moving to TMob with 4 iPhones, which will (assuming no hidden costs) save me about $80/mo for better availability. Still concerned about TMob's coverage though.
Your facts are correct. However, the difference between T-Mo and the remaining carriers is that with T-Mobile, if you bring your own phone, you get a lower rate plan. With other carriers, there is no advantage to bringing your own phone because you will be charged the same rates.
I do believe Apple has a price problem. However, this isn't evident in countries (like the US) where people buy their phones on contract. Apple's problem lies in countries where people buy unlocked phones separate from the carrier they pick (and in these countries, contracts are less popular). While this quarter T-Mo's sales clearly looked supply constrained, I would imagine going forward Apple would have a lower market share on T-Mo with its non-subsidized model, than...
Agreed. My iPhone 4 seems to be running much faster with iOS7 than iOS6 (the speed increase probably has more to do with the fact that it is a reinstall, but still, it is noticeable).
Nope. That was speculation. Hence the "I think". Unlike analysts (and many commentators here) I don't claim my speculations to be the absolute truth. Just informed guesses.
It also runs better on my iPhone 4 than iOS6 did. Although, I am seeing a few (rare) crashes, but did not see any at all with iOS6.
I don't understand Apple's strategy with the 5c. It doesn't seem priced to sell (the problem isn't that it is "too expensive" at $100 with contract. The problem is that it is only $100 less than the 5s, which is a much better product). At the same time, Apple is advertising it far more than they are the 5s. So it seems like it is being marketed to sell. I think the production issues with the 5s really caught Apple off guard, forcing them to promote the 5c like the latest...
 Hah...I noticed the same thing just a few seconds after you. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that was a puff piece.
Btw, that CNet article absolutely reads like a paid advertorial. It probably isn't as obvious as that, but I bet it's something like "Hey CNet, we will give you exclusive interviews with all our top guys if you write a positive article about the Gear's development". And while even CNet isn't going to stoop as low as to call the turd that is this "smart"watch a decent product, they made it about Samsung, and how impressive they were in quickly delivering this (crap) product.
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