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I can't imagine anyone would say that. I completely agree that Forstall was really holding Apple back. Just seeing how much Apple was able to change between iOS 6 and iOS 7, gives me great hope that the next iOS 8 will bring Apple back to leaving its competitors far behind.
This is a lot nicer than Siri. It seamlessly integrates Bing Search, Local Search, Siri, Google Now-lite, as well as allowing 3rd parties to tie into Cortana (something I am still amazed Apple hasn't added), all within the same interface.
It's not a flop, but it shows a clear misjudgment of the market from the Apple brass. Tim Cook as much as admitted to this fact.Just goes to show that the people who run Apple are also human (and before the "SteveJobs wouldn't have" folks chime in, Jobs was also prone to many mistakes).
Again, does anyone think Apple's 1984 Super Bowl ad was a waste of money?
I don't know if it is what "Steve would have done" but I agree that it is embarrassing that Apple did not take an opportunity to revive the SB 84 magic. Apple, with its hundreds of billions in the bank can afford a few million for an ad. Does anyone think the SB 84 ad, considering we are still discussing it today, 30 years later, wasn't worth the money?
Lenovo never really "turned around" IBM's PC business. IBM's PC business was doing fine when Lenovo bought it. The problem for IBM was that it had completed its transition to becoming a service company, with significantly higher profit margins. The PC business was dragging their profit margins down, and unlike their server business (at the time) it didn't help much in gaining consulting clients. Primarily because PCs were complete commodities by that point. IBM did exactly...
Which should tell people something about using Mr. Market to judge how well a company is doing..
I think a lot of people really like the 5C's look. The comparison to plastic Android phones is flawed because the 5C does not have a plasticky look or feel to it. Also, the comparison to teh 4/4S is meaningless, because I am sure Apple sold a higher percentage of 5C's as a share of the total, than they did 4's as a share of the total when the 4S came out. The problem for Apple was they were trying to establish a new line of phones with higher demand, but did not succeed. I...
I am looking forward to this. IMO, Apple has really dropped the ball with Siri. The performance is poor (Apple's online efforts have been consistently subpar, IMO). Additionally, it still isn't on Mac OS X.   Will be good to see MS put some pressure on Apple to upgrade their performance in this area.
You guys are missing what Samsung is trying to do. They are gonna create a Google Glass clone, whose only purpose is to scan your iris, which then communicates with the Galaxy Note S6 and lets it know whether you are actually you. They will make it part of Galaxy Gear products, and price it at $399, with a ridiculously long commercial which apes Apple's ipod mini commercials with people dancing with different colors, instead they will have people dancing with different...
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