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+++ I find reading online comments about it being a "disappointment" hilarious. Recently had a 2 year Android guy return his Galaxy Nexus S and buy an iPhone 4S because of Siri (I wasn't pushing the iPhone...I have never evangelized products IRL. He just liked what he saw about Siri from my usage).
The next iPhone MUST have LTE. The constraining factor was the lack of decent chips, but as mentioned earlier, Qualcomm has some good options coming out early in 2012, giving them enough time to build up yield for a Fall iPhone release.
Intel would pay Apple the same amount if it put the Intel Inside logo on their machines, and had that Intel chime on all their TV commercials. They have been pretty reasonable partners for Apple for the most part, designing specific versions of chips, and even releasing them to Apple before other partners.
The problem with the 3GS is not so much that it is "dated", but that it is only available on AT&T in the US. Apple needs the iPhone 4S, which is a world phone, to be the free phone next year, so that all the carriers carry a free iPhone.
lolÂ… "I cannot think for myself so I must know whether the argument being presented is by someone reliable or not, otherwise I cant distinguish whether it is a good argument or not. You know, because I cannot think for myself". You will go far in life with that attitude...
Or, you know, they can look at the numbers he has provided, and the argument he is making, and figure out for themselves, based on all the other millions of opinions and publicly disclosed financial information whether his thesis makes sense or not.
In fact, the market, liquidity, or volatility wouldnt exist.If the stock market was always right, there would be no reason to invest in it over, say, US treasuries.
Farnkly that was one of the best attempts at explaining Apple's "low" P/E anywhere on the internets. Kudos.
Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Splits/Buybacks etc. I think, in general, management has too many incentives to do them at the worst time possible, and only lead to double taxation. That being said, it does seem to me that the lack of interest paid towards the stock by Apple is playing a role in dragging down the stock (not sure about the magnitude..it may only be having a few cents of effect, or maybe hurting the stock by double digit dollars). It might not hurt Apple...
I dont think Andy Zaky would believe those either (esp. since he clearly seems to think a correction is coming). Like others have suggested, I would be interested in what he thinks are the causes. I have laid out some of my opinions about that (I would not go as far as to say they are correctÂ…just ideas at the moment). Out of curiosity, do you have any ideas as to why the market isn't pricing Apple "correctly" yet (assuming you think this is the case, which it seems...
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