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Wow, that is just so Wrong.I'd give you win 8 but 8.1 is really nice and 10 is looking pretty sweet. And please, don't even bring up OSX as acceptable for business, until Apple at the very least fixes its SMB implementation. The worst part is OSX used to be awesome at this, until Apple decide to create their implementation which has sucked for years now.
This is so stupid by Apple. Frankly, everyone makes mistakes, and companies make mistakes as well. The problem with Apple and the App Store, is that they don't seem to learn, and keep making the same mistakes over again.   It's simply annoying at this point, and Apple's mind-boggling decisions like this, are what have kept me from buying my iPhone 6 yet. I am seriously considering WP or Android as an alternative. Of course, with those platforms the problem is that they...
Apple acquired Embark and HopStop, both of which were great. Embark was awesome for subway directions, and I loved HopStop for biking directions. Unfortunately, they havent seen too many updates recently, so I am back to depending on Google Maps. Would be great if Apple came up with a good Maps feature. In addition, I hope Apple starts treating certain Apps, like Maps, separately, and does not make their release dependent on the OS. There is no good reason for that to be...
I am not complaining about Beats the company, or product. I am complaining about everything Apple has done related to Beats. Keep in mind that the Beats acquisition was also an acqui-hire of Jimmy Iovine, to help Apple with the music industry. Assuming that he did not suggest or push for the U2 partnership, he should have at the very least warned Apple execs that U2 was not a good idea (and I say this as a massive U2 fan), and pushing their music on all iDevices with...
You think Jimmy Iovine had ZERO to do with U2's album promotion with Apple, when the reason for getting him was to be a bridge between Apple and the music industry?
So Apple removes Neato and forces Beats on all iPhone users. Ugh.   The whole Beats thing has been negative after negative for Apple. (U2, spat with Bose, and now this). I think Tim Cook has done a fantastic job in general, and when he had missteps, was able to fix them quickly (Browett -> Ahrendts). The Beats acquisition, however, appears to be a misstep that keeps on hurting.
Unless the iPad Pro is more than just a bigger iPad Air, I am failing to see how it can be a truly great product. I would much rather buy a Surface Pro 3 than a larger iPad.   The iPad Pro almost seems like an attempt by Apple to create greater sales for the iPad than what the market may support. I believe that the iPad, when it first came out, had massive sales because there was a decade worth of pent up demand for a device like it. The huge opening year sales, combined...
It's amazing that none of Apple's searching features do fuzzy searches yet. It isn't even that hard anymore.
Google designed it to write stuff like search engines. Not surprising at all that Apple would use Go. It's a really good language for doing stuff in parallel.
Tie in Internet Search into Spotlight. After Google created Android, I thought Apple would immediately start working on developing a search engine. I am still surprised we haven't seen anything more comprehensive than results from curated sites.
New Posts  All Forums: