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Apple does allow 3rd party "phone apps". They are called Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger. The reason they don't allow 3rd party phone apps which interact with the Voice network is primarily because the potential for abuse makes them a threat to the network. The reason they don't allow watch faces, yet, has nothing to do with the reasons they dont allow phone apps which interact with the voice network.
Apple will include the ability to change watch faces. But 2 years down the line. Once the Apple Watch is established as a legitimate device. Apple is a master of creating new product categories, and they realize in the initial critical phase, allowing people to completely destroy the look of their watches, and therefore the initial customer impression (Can you imagine how many Fandroids will buy Apple watches just to post pictures on Reddit of their Watch Faces showing an...
Agreed. MS core apps on iPhone > Apple core apps on iPhone. But that's okay, since iOS is still the premier mobile platform (and if anything, has only been increasing its lead recently, which is why even MS often releases apps to iOS first, ahead of Windows).
There's no money in designing your own chips either. There is no money in owning a fingerprint scanning company, etc. I am not endorsing Apple buying a carrier, but the whole point of owning one would be to do what Google is doing here. Provide faster advances, and a much better integrated experience, so Apple can implement technologies immediately instead of having to wait for years for the carriers getting around to doing it. And they'd probably make a decent profit...
Yes, because selling 5million in the biggest market in Tech history is exactly the same as selling 5million in a market that is currently little more than niche with the market leader a product and company that started as a Kickstarter.
Im as big an Apple fan as anybody, but its tiring to see other Apple fans sling vitriol at other companies actually trying different and new things.   Apple hasn't done shit since the iPhone other than MOARZ THIN
I didn't like the Beats acquisitionf let price aril because Beats was exactly what anti-Apple fanbois incorrectly derided Apple for being. A mediocre product successful only through marketing. How ever, it seems to men hat the real fear should have been the acqui-hire of Jimmy Iovine, since I feel his way of doing business is completely antithetical to Appl's way (i.e. Through back room deals instead of creating mutually beneficial platforms and products).
Wow, that is just so Wrong.I'd give you win 8 but 8.1 is really nice and 10 is looking pretty sweet. And please, don't even bring up OSX as acceptable for business, until Apple at the very least fixes its SMB implementation. The worst part is OSX used to be awesome at this, until Apple decide to create their implementation which has sucked for years now.
This is so stupid by Apple. Frankly, everyone makes mistakes, and companies make mistakes as well. The problem with Apple and the App Store, is that they don't seem to learn, and keep making the same mistakes over again.   It's simply annoying at this point, and Apple's mind-boggling decisions like this, are what have kept me from buying my iPhone 6 yet. I am seriously considering WP or Android as an alternative. Of course, with those platforms the problem is that they...
Apple acquired Embark and HopStop, both of which were great. Embark was awesome for subway directions, and I loved HopStop for biking directions. Unfortunately, they havent seen too many updates recently, so I am back to depending on Google Maps. Would be great if Apple came up with a good Maps feature. In addition, I hope Apple starts treating certain Apps, like Maps, separately, and does not make their release dependent on the OS. There is no good reason for that to be...
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