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Unless the iPad Pro is more than just a bigger iPad Air, I am failing to see how it can be a truly great product. I would much rather buy a Surface Pro 3 than a larger iPad.   The iPad Pro almost seems like an attempt by Apple to create greater sales for the iPad than what the market may support. I believe that the iPad, when it first came out, had massive sales because there was a decade worth of pent up demand for a device like it. The huge opening year sales, combined...
It's amazing that none of Apple's searching features do fuzzy searches yet. It isn't even that hard anymore.
Google designed it to write stuff like search engines. Not surprising at all that Apple would use Go. It's a really good language for doing stuff in parallel.
Tie in Internet Search into Spotlight. After Google created Android, I thought Apple would immediately start working on developing a search engine. I am still surprised we haven't seen anything more comprehensive than results from curated sites.
Great review. I think this may be the most in depth review I've read on the Internet about this device and kudos to AI for doing this. I really do like the MS band. I can see myself buying this now (after a week or so of real user experiences) but still buying an Apple Watch next year. I think they both serve very different purposes (no way am I taking the watch running without GOS and I am not running with a phone). If MS feeds health data from both to their Health...
I don't understand why anyone in the US, unless they cannot get a credit card due to poor credit, would choose to use a debit card over a credit card. Better points, better protection, and you get about a month's worth of free float. Just keep paying off your credit card online as soon as it reaches 10% of your credit limit, and it will start improving your credit too.
Apple must have simply bought a huge batch a few years ago, and made Classics till they ran out. 
There is some confusion about the rates, because no one really knows what they actually are. I think there are a few things that happened:1) Apple managed to get Apple Pay considered as card present so retailers pay the lower card present fee.2) Apple managed to get a cut out of that card present rate (of about 0.15%). In other words, the banks expect Apple Pay to be even more secure than regular card present transactions, and are letting Apple get a cut of the fraud...
Also, financial institutions are expecting Apple Pay to convert a lot of cash transactions to credit card, further increasing their incomes. If Apple Pay is widely supported everywhere, I have a lot less reason to carry a wallet in addition to my cell phone, which means that scenarios in which I might have considered paying by cash, I will be forced to pay via Apple Pay. Unlike the music industry, the financial industry is genuinely excited about Apple Pay (it doesn't hurt...
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