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I think Apple may have pushed their luck with GTAT a little too far. I'd imagine smaller suppliers will indeed start looking far more carefully at a contract with Apple in the future. Especially, if they already have a decent customer list. With Apple's size, they are really struggling to find the suppliers they need, so I wouldn't be surprised if the power dynamics in the Apple-suppliers relationship starts tilting slightly more towards the suppliers.
Why would anyone sign to those terms and conditions. Those are ridiculous. The GTAT CEO basically sold his company to Apple for pennies on the dollar (if they owe Apple money, as is indicated, they will probably try to repay in the form of assets, such as a certain foundry to create Sapphire glass. And they will do it for pennies on the dollar because Apple is pretty much the entire market for that foundry, so it is worthless to anyone else).
I still don't understand what benefits Sapphire offered over Gorilla glass. Increased hardness (so lesser scratches) for greater brittleness (so greater chance of shattering). Sounds like a wash to me. In addition, it is significantly more expensive to manufacture. I can see Sapphire making sense for the Watch, if for no reason than the fact that it is pretty traditional in high end watches, and since the watch will be marketed more like jewelry than a device. I really...
Bendgate was a massive blessing in disguise for Apple. Apple had (has?) a real issue with the iPhone 6 release, and it was the contemporary release of iOS 8.1. Releasing an update which prevented users from using their phones should have been a true controversy (esp. considering the general feeling that Apple's OS updates have become increasingly buggy over the last couple of years), but instead, the media was too fixated on this bendgate non-issue to focus on the real...
Doomed. /obligatory
WOuld anyone be surprised if Sqmsung paid MR to make that their lead story on the launch day?How many other companies have been convicted by their home country for paying trolls to bad mouth competitors products?
So when Apple absolutely crushes Android in the high end market, will the Phandroids just disappear in a poof of smoke? Or will they come up with new and more exciting ways to troll? Stay tuned!
Apple can start worrying about losing a lead when any of its competitors are able to deliver a phone with a CPU which compares with the CPU in the 5S released last year.Then we can talk about their tremendous lead in GPU, software, industrial design (1mm thinner is also about 15% thinner, which is tremendous and makes a great difference in the feel), UI, integration, build quality, customer support, etc.Apple's competitors are f'ed and they know it, which is why Samsung...
The "audio format" will be about streaming concerts online, and stuff like that.   Maybe a U2 branded concert social network, similar to the Dre branded Beats headphones.   If there is one thing no one can deny, U2 is one of the greatest concert bands, with some of the greatest stadium shows.
Huh? That makes no sense at all. You can still use whatever card you want (as long as the bank supports it).
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