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While I think the unhanged RAM is disappointing, it isn't such a massive deal on the phone. However, if the next iPad retains teh 1GB of RAM, and does not increase it, it would be an iPad3 style dead generation. The iPad desperately needs a RAM upgrade.
This ad is Samsung's corporate equivalent of its paid trolls going to message boards and posting "First!!111eleventy111!!!"
I get your argument, but I think it is a very poor reason to keep phones at 1GB. Because, by the same logic, Apple will have to wait an additional year for their next Ram bump, because the 1 GB devices have been in the market for 1 more year.
Apple doubling performance 3 years in a row is what doesn't make sense. A 25% performance increase is still amazing.As far as RAM goes, the iPad sorely needs a RAM boost. It's possible that the 4.7" iPhone may be okay without more RAM, but the 5.5 will probably need it because of the greater pixels it needs to push and because the larger size allows a bigger battery to compensate for any battery effects.
By adding a ring of aluminum?
How many smartwatches has Samsung announced over the past 2 years?   Edit: Already answered. 6 generations. Wow.
John Gruber had already hinted this several days ago, as an update on his post talking about a "joke" which several sites linked to as a hint that NFC was coming.   His "follow-up joke": [quote]It would be cool, and would make a lot of sense, if the new wearable thing had the same magic payment apparatus.[/quote]
Are you being sarcastic? None of Gruber's little birdies have ever been wrong.
This. It's a pretty brilliant idea, IMO, but for sullying what has been a charity event, they should at the very least donate a lot of money.
Wasn't Quicken Essentials supposed to be that though? What would have been great is if Microsoft continued making MS Money, and ported that over to the Mac as well. MS Money had easily been the best Personal Finance software on either Mac or PC. Unfortunate that MS killed it.
New Posts  All Forums: