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John Gruber had already hinted this several days ago, as an update on his post talking about a "joke" which several sites linked to as a hint that NFC was coming.   His "follow-up joke": [quote]It would be cool, and would make a lot of sense, if the new wearable thing had the same magic payment apparatus.[/quote]
Are you being sarcastic? None of Gruber's little birdies have ever been wrong.
This. It's a pretty brilliant idea, IMO, but for sullying what has been a charity event, they should at the very least donate a lot of money.
Wasn't Quicken Essentials supposed to be that though? What would have been great is if Microsoft continued making MS Money, and ported that over to the Mac as well. MS Money had easily been the best Personal Finance software on either Mac or PC. Unfortunate that MS killed it.
I hope Apple releases an iWatch just so we don't have to hear more rumors about it.
Dam you, Obama!(The right wing nutjobs' arguments are not even internally consistent. Obama retaliated against Apple because Apple was very pro-Obama. What?)Also, you are aware that the NSA PRISM program began in 2007, right? I am guessing you think Obama used his birth certificate forgng time machine to go start the PRISM program before he was elected president.
This! Any non-Chinese company looking towards China to grow is playing a fool's game. You have to be wilfully ignorant to ignore the ridiculous amount of protectionism and mercantilism the Chinese have been engaged in for over a decade.
@spamsandwich - I'd assume 0% goes to Apple. It doesn't matter. It greatly strengthens customers bonds with the Apple product. Do you think someone is gonna customize their Dell to look like the stuff in the ads (if anything, I've seen people covering the Dell logos on their laptops with an Apple sticker).
These analysts cannot get shipment and release numbers AFTER the quarter has passed, and now they expect us to buy their numbers from before the product has even been announced?
I think Wall Street finds it hard to accept that Apple may indeed be a unique outlier.
New Posts  All Forums: