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"The most common uses for a tablet -- which Canalys refers to as "pads" -- are Web browsing, e-mail and messaging, and social networking." This is certainly true for my personal anecdote. The iPad is not a "media" device. It is truly a computer. My laptop usage has essentially just been reduced to downloading the latest Ubuntu torrent and SW development.
Yup....There is a huge difference. These are locally stored files (on your computer) which after the bug causing the data to be saved for 1 year, uptil 7 years, would probably have increased in size by a few mb. Its the same data, just that the automatic cache flushing algorithm was wrong. OTOH, Google was picking up data that was completely irrelevant, and they didn't need in the first place. They specifically had to write code for it, it being something they didn't...
Wasn't it Engadget which had switched off their comments for a month, because they were getting so ridiculous?
This is a solid response. Ideally it would have come a few days earlier, but I appreciate Apple taking the time to figure out all the issues, and giving a detailed in depth response. They indicated there were 2 bugs. (1) They were saving the data for far too long. They have responsibly stated that this should be limited to 7 days, and will fix it. (2) They have identified that they are responsible for a lack of communication (phrased as education by them) with the user...
Apple has nothing to hide. In fact, it seems Apple does less with this data (does not send back to its own servers) than Android does. They are just terrible at PR. The "antennagate" nonsense showed it clearly. This is further confirming that.
Unless by apps, you mean apps are driving the sales of iOS devices, which is driving apple's profitability, your sentence is laughably wrong. Apps form a percentage of the 1.4Bn, and at most, Apple gets about 30% of that. At best (assuming Apple has $0 from music, books, etc., and they have no costs associated with running the iTunes store), Apple makes 420mn out of Apps. That is less than a pittance in Apple's growth story.
I don't understand the obsession for OLED. Currently, its a worse technology (with more potential, but its nowhere near) at a higher price. It does nothing but sound great in a feature list.
I want to see what Apple says about this. It seems likely its a supply constraint. This will be worrisome for shareholders, especially combined with the problems in Japan. Would like to know what steps Apple is taking to address the persistent supply problems with the iPad.
Anyone want to imagine the thrashing apple would be getting in the blagosphere if they had released a playbook like product (I.e. iPad with mail and calendar only if you have an iPhone....crashes all the time...software is half baked and you don't even have twitter and Facebook clients!). And rim does this despite being a year late. While no reviews have praised them, none have called them out for the complete lack of respect they are showing for their users' intelligence....
...and pay more to enjoy... I find the intel comments combined with the gartner report really interesting. Gartner claimed that the pc market shrunk, yet intel claims sandy bridge did really well. I see 2 possibilities here (aside from gartner being wrong or intel being creative with phrasing) 1) gartner is talking only about the us, and international growth has more than made up for us drops. I dontfind this likely because drop in computer sales in Europe and Japan is...
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