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Intel is going about this the wrong way. The reason they were able to win in all the other areas is because people knew how to develop for x86. The legacy applications built on x86 gave Intel a huge edge. In mobile, its the complete opposite. Legacy code (and more relevantly, instruction sets) are anathema, because battery life, and not processing power, is king in this space. If Intel really wants to become relevant, they need to invest a ton of money developing...
Best Buy was clearly trying to prop up Apple's competition. This seems more pervasive than just at the managerial level. This was an extremely short sighted move by them. They can't keep bashing Apple and expect the company to behave nice with them. The individual sales folks have also had a large anti-Apple tilt, which Apple has ignored. Best Buy should have allowed the natural anti-Apple tilt of their employees to tilt the scales in the competitors' favor, instead...
Well, this tells us what we knew. All other things equal, a large majority of people would much rather get an iPhone than anything else. However, all other things are not equal. Carrier subsidy, and pushing of particular phones gives Android a much bigger leg up than if they had to compete on their own. I would also venture to say that at this point, this is enough of a factor to continue extending Android's lead in the smartphone market. Fortunately for Apple,...
On the plus side, Samsung can say they sold out, and actually be talking about sell through rates!
Yes, but not exactly. The problem is that when the Kindle entered the market, it was the only ereader (there were a few minor players). Also, there was a HUGE library already available. The problem with this is: 1) Competition. Ridiculous competition from all sorts of devices, not just tablets. 2) Developers will need to build only for this. Unlikely to happen.
HEAD->DESK Why in the world does anyone think people will buy a Gamestop tablet for games, when they can get a $499 iPad which does a whole lot more, and has a much larger game library? If its Android, then why does anyone think game devs will develop for Gamestop's Android tablet as opposed to all the millions of other android tablets on the market?
I think it would be pretty bad form to boast about your sales when you are still making people wait 2-3 weeks to get the iPad they have paid for. Once Apple gets their demand-supply a little in sync, they will boast about this (or more likely wait till WWDC).
Ummm.....the only people who will be selling AAPL because of this are those who are REQUIRED to sell AAPL because they are indexed against the NASDAQ100. This is a great buying opportunity for others.
I don't understand this either. Was the inventor in question part of the company that sued Apple? Or was Mirror Worlds the company he sold it to? How was he going to make it freely available if he sold it to a company?Ironic about the Cover Flow bit, since Apple actually did not even develop themselves, but bought it from a 3rd party developer (who had a mac app named Cover Flow).Edit: It seems the professor owns or partially owns the company, according to the...
I thought Stringer was decently smart (although he has not been able to reverse Sony's decline). What does he even mean by the "Doesn't burn you" comment?
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