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It shouldn't, but the fact is, it does. Most of the rumors here have referenced the inability to gain these licenses as being the precise reason why Apple has been struggling to do its cloud service. I am extremely surprised Amazon did this. Most of the music labels gave them extremely favorable terms when they started their Music store (remember, they were the only ones allowed to distribute music DRM free. Apple had to agree to variable pricing to convince labels to do...
Don't see the issue with that. Pretty generic, and acceptable terms, IMO. They are asking for access to files to fix problems, and in case they are legally required to do so.
First Google ripping off Java, and now Amazon not bothering to get license clearances, it appears Apple is driving these companies to do anything possible, whether legal or not, to compete.
What is just terribly sad are these executives' comments 1) Constant usage of the word "consumer". Apple rarely (if ever?) does that. They refer to their users, as users. That attitude comes right through in their products. Apple think of people using their products. Samsung thinks about people opening their wallets for their products. 2) "Customer research has shown us that consumers expect different experiences for different screen sizes". The fact that Samsung...
Apple has had to invent machining techniques to pull off the unibody design. Other companies are incapable of doing similar stuff.
Maybe its "smooth" not "small" all over again. They were mistranslated. They actually meant 8.6 in, and were talking about the screen size...etc...etc... What I find hilarious is to hear the absolute silence from the Fandroids who couldn't stop talking about Jobs' "selling in volume" a lie, because they were unwilling to accept that the word volume could have more than 1 definition.
Haha... Great disclaimer.
Nonsense. The LGPL's sole reason for existence is that the GPL does not allow dynamic linking, while the LGPL does.
Never underestimate the delusional power of the fandroids.
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