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Ugghhh....Thats okay in Full Screen view (which is why things like this look great on the iPad, which essentially becomes the app). But to have it in Windowed mode, where it clashes atrociously with other apps' consistent Window UIs is just a bad idea. At the end of the day though, this is just plain fugly.
They have. But they aren't the only reason that macs are doing well. Apple was the most profitable PC maker even before the iPhone was introduced in 2007. It was selling the most >$1000 computers even in 2006. There is a very clear event when Mac's popularity shot up. It was right after the transition to Intel. The ability to run Windows as a fallback made the switching process far less risky, enabling the Mac's rise.
They are the MOST profitable PC makers in the world. It might not be a good model if you want to dominate the world, but if you are a hardware maker, its the ONLY way to make money. I think this article explains the rise of the Apple haters on the web. All those jobless ex-CEOs are probably just sitting on their keyboards, spitting vitriol towards Apple, who played a huge part in their dismissals.
I don't see much need to delete an App from Launchpad. Worst case, just make a folder for "Unwanted Apps" and stuff all those in there. Edit: That being said, there should be an easy way to delete them. Especially since the UI paradigm has already been defined in iOS.
I don't really get how the Dell guy can say this stuff with a straight face. They are ANNOUNCING products, which are more expensive, and not as good as the original iPad, to be released several months after the second version of the iPad is already selling out...And they still make these claims? I can sympathesize with the HP guy though, who is accurate about Apple's poor partnering, although Apple has, and is making, huge strides in this area.
Haha...Thats hilarious.
They might have to, in order to get the labels to allow them to stream music.
It shouldn't, but the fact is, it does. Most of the rumors here have referenced the inability to gain these licenses as being the precise reason why Apple has been struggling to do its cloud service. I am extremely surprised Amazon did this. Most of the music labels gave them extremely favorable terms when they started their Music store (remember, they were the only ones allowed to distribute music DRM free. Apple had to agree to variable pricing to convince labels to do...
Don't see the issue with that. Pretty generic, and acceptable terms, IMO. They are asking for access to files to fix problems, and in case they are legally required to do so.
First Google ripping off Java, and now Amazon not bothering to get license clearances, it appears Apple is driving these companies to do anything possible, whether legal or not, to compete.
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