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++++ The real Lion will come out at the January 2011 event, after the holidays. The point of this was twofold: 1) Get developers ready to submit their apps to the Apple Store, so they can hopefully reap the benefits of the millions of dollars of iTunes gift cards given away during Christmas (and used in the month after Christmas). 2) Release the new Macbook Airs, and see millions of these being sold during the upcoming holiday season.
Any Mac developer who doesn't like this is missing the forest for the trees. Just the following simple fact should have their mouths watering. 100 mn. credit cards can now purchase your app with one click. The many millions of dollars spent on iTunes gift cards every year can now be used to buy your app.
I originally thought that would be the case. But after thinking about it, the biggest problem with low RAM is swapping with the HD. This, however, does not have a HD, but more SSD (which is a lot faster) so hopefully, it shouldn't be much slower at all.
Although the iPhone and the iPad share the same OS, the user interface elements are quite different. I think Steve's point was that an iPad like interface would not work for a 7" screen (not sure I agree, but I am pretty confident thats what he meant). An iPhone like UI would work on the 7" screen. But that brings us to his second argument (which most outlets have ignored) that the slightly greater mobility 7" gives you, is not worth the loss of usability. ...
I am not so sure Facebook is the next Myspace. Myspace always had weak links between users. The people you "friended" on MySpace was not your next door neighbor, your classmate, or your mother. Facebook has strong links. Your friends on facebook are people you meet on a daily basis. Folks you go on holidays with, colleagues, and distant relationships. It will not be as easy to break links with these people as it was for Myspace. I have, for example, almost completely...
I don't think anyone's touched on the obvious implication... iAds for Apple TV.
That's stupid, because Verizon turned Apple down. There was no "if Apple signed with Verizon".
That basically is just an indication of how popular the iPhone was compared to the rest of the crap (also, Verizon is a lot bigger than ATT outside of mobile). To explain, ATT pays Apple the unsubsidized iPhone amount upfront. So if you buy an iPhone in June for $200, ATT pays Apple $600 (or whatever) in June itself. In June, ATT makes a loss of $400 on that iPhone. However, you are bound by a contract to stick with ATT for the next 24 months. That means you pay about...
You do realize Verizon subsidizes the Droids, right? Or do you really think the manufacturers are only getting $200 for each? Additionally, you also do realize the subsidy is probably a lot higher than what ATT pays for the iPhone because Verizon also gives 2 devices for the price of one. The only reason ATT hasn't done that to increase the number of data plan customers is because Apple does not allow them to.
Hmm....Your claims.... 1) In business, you need good partnerships to be successful. (I am assuming this is what you mean by "business is about partnerships") 2) Apple is not good at making partnerships. Therefore, if that is true, Apple should be an extremely unsuccessful business. Yet, Apple is one of the most successful businesses in the entire world (is there a single business success measure which they are not extremely high in?) So your statements clearly contradict...
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