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What is just terribly sad are these executives' comments 1) Constant usage of the word "consumer". Apple rarely (if ever?) does that. They refer to their users, as users. That attitude comes right through in their products. Apple think of people using their products. Samsung thinks about people opening their wallets for their products. 2) "Customer research has shown us that consumers expect different experiences for different screen sizes". The fact that Samsung...
Apple has had to invent machining techniques to pull off the unibody design. Other companies are incapable of doing similar stuff.
Maybe its "smooth" not "small" all over again. They were mistranslated. They actually meant 8.6 in, and were talking about the screen size...etc...etc... What I find hilarious is to hear the absolute silence from the Fandroids who couldn't stop talking about Jobs' "selling in volume" a lie, because they were unwilling to accept that the word volume could have more than 1 definition.
Haha... Great disclaimer.
Nonsense. The LGPL's sole reason for existence is that the GPL does not allow dynamic linking, while the LGPL does.
Never underestimate the delusional power of the fandroids.
Wow...talk about a bad few days for the fandroids: http://www.businessweek.com/technolo...324_269784.htm
I think your fears are misplaced. Ask yourself the following questions: 1) Since the "iOSification" of the Mac, has it become less "open", or "more"? Did the Mac App Store reduce the options you have? Is Lion less, or more, open than Snow Leopard? My answers - The mac has clearly become more open. Mac App store has not reduced what you can install by a bit. On the other hand, Apple has gone ahead and included Mac OS Server in the regular Lion install. And if...
In the "open" folks' defense, I think Apple is far too "closed" (whatever that may mean). I think the Walled Garden approach for the iPhone Apps was a great idea when the App Store was released. Lets not forget, that until that point, the idea of a phone, for which anyone could develop software, and sell to others, was rather niche (basically, just a few WinMo and Palm users, but more importantly, none of those phones allowed the extent of computing Apple did). So it...
New Posts  All Forums: