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Also, the DroidBots all over the interwebs were using the Droid X's awesome 720p to piss over the Apple fanbois who got scammed into buying the iPhone's Retina screen, which according to this "mistake" was not going to be the best screen within a month. I am curious about one thing though. When I made the move to the iPhone from a dumbphone I found it slightly too big, especially when holding it up to my ear (am an average sized male). How do these 4.3" devices feel?
Actually, Android IS how the iPhone would work if Google copied it.
Too much is being made out of this. Its just an investigation, and nothing will come out of it. This is simply the Post doing what it does best. Sensationalizing trivial matters, and desensationalizing important stuff.
Agreed. I think, the obvious answer though, is iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad. Which is why they can price it this cheap. They expect you to own another Apple device.
The Japanese response to Apple's products is a very strong indication of how amazing Apple's products really are. It has been almost impossible for any other non-Japanese company to be successful in this market. (I can't think of any other, TBH).
I fully expect that to happen the next holiday season. Updated iPhone 4G. Potentially newer version of iPad (although that may not happen due to the current shortages). Updated iPods. Updated Macs. These are 4 product categories that will just sell like blockbusters in that period.
The problem is Adobe is being extremely short-sighted. As this experience shows, they can tailor their authoring tools (which are the best in the industry) to create Objective-C output, or even HTML5 (they released a plugin for this for some of their tools). However, instead of doing what they are best at (creating great authoring tools) they seem insistent on establishing Flash as a platform. I don't think that is the best way forward for them. It is certainly not...
Exactly! The whole Mozilla Foundation is getting all religious about the video codec (which is not even a specified part of HTML5) while Chrome is eating them for lunch. They need to stop wasting their time fighting a battle which even if they win, they lose (even if Theora becomes the specified codec in HTML5, the limited mobile support, and the non-existent content will kill it. Also, this whole religious battle form Mozilla's side is stupid. Lets get some...
Great points. Me, and 3 of the 4 people who work right next to me, are waiting for June/July to get our next iPhone. While I am considering Android (I want to see what the hype is all about), none of the others have even given a second thought to it. I am a great example of the Osborne Effect for Apple, though. I lost my 3GS a month or so ago, and decided to continue using my older dumbphone until the iPhone 4 is released. Also, if Apple releases the iPhone to Verizon,...
New Posts  All Forums: