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I think your fears are misplaced. Ask yourself the following questions: 1) Since the "iOSification" of the Mac, has it become less "open", or "more"? Did the Mac App Store reduce the options you have? Is Lion less, or more, open than Snow Leopard? My answers - The mac has clearly become more open. Mac App store has not reduced what you can install by a bit. On the other hand, Apple has gone ahead and included Mac OS Server in the regular Lion install. And if...
In the "open" folks' defense, I think Apple is far too "closed" (whatever that may mean). I think the Walled Garden approach for the iPhone Apps was a great idea when the App Store was released. Lets not forget, that until that point, the idea of a phone, for which anyone could develop software, and sell to others, was rather niche (basically, just a few WinMo and Palm users, but more importantly, none of those phones allowed the extent of computing Apple did). So it...
Actually, MS is doing pretty well with the XBox. Although they failed with the Zune, the primary reason was that they were too late, since they wasted time trying the old ways with their PlayForSure initiatives. Still, the Zune continues to benefit them, because its that experience which they based their WP7 UI around. If MS creates its own device on WP7 (which is what the Nokia deal I think might effectively be), they will be very competitive.
Get DTerm from the Mac App Store. Your life will be transformed!
If thats the case, then why doesn't Google extinguish all the FUD by indemnifying its licence partners? What Google has done here is amazing. They have basically created this patent time bomb, and told others to pick it up. For FREE! Let their partners handle all the legal risks, while they continue minting money off the Google Ads Android generates. I love how MOT, HTC, etc. simply fell for it.
Didn't you know? Random Fandroid message board poster's speculation is OBVIOUSLY more accurate than the InfoWeek reporter's informed speculation. I mean, as opposed to the Fandroid, who made great efforts to go deep into his emotions to come up with his speculation, all the reporter had was a source in Motorola, and an analyst at Deutsche Bank, who gets paid big bucks simply to follow the company. Clearly the fandroid's guts know far more about Motorola's plans.
Shhh....Telling the FSF zealot that some people actually create SW for money is like telling a kid that Santa Claus doesn't exist. You must have crushed its spirit.
To put this in perspective, it also contains conditions that Linus Torvalds finds unacceptable.http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/114336http://lkml.org/lkml/2006/9/25/161 GPLv3 is an ideological move divorced from the reality of the GPL. It essentially allows the FSF zealots to retroactively change licencing agreements (although I believe the final version may have toned this down a bit.
This is nonsense. Some companies need to do this to build hype (HP with its 5000 Windows 7 tablets), but when you have a sellout of over half a million devices (more than the rest of the industry has probably sold combined, over 2 years), then its really really unlikely to be artificial demand. In fact, if you look at Apple's guidances with regards to the original iPad, they clearly stated that revenues would be constrained because of supply not meeting demand. If you...
I thought this too, but then I actually used the thing. It wasn't half as good as advertised. The screen wasn't good, and the UI was terrible (but pretty). The same is true with WP7. I just don't like the UI (although its lickably good looking). Its really easy to get lost, and its really hard to tell where you have to go. And its filled with swiping, which of all the iOS gestures, is my least favorite. It just loses to the pinch, and the reverse pinch because there...
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