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WOuld anyone be surprised if Sqmsung paid MR to make that their lead story on the launch day?How many other companies have been convicted by their home country for paying trolls to bad mouth competitors products?
So when Apple absolutely crushes Android in the high end market, will the Phandroids just disappear in a poof of smoke? Or will they come up with new and more exciting ways to troll? Stay tuned!
Apple can start worrying about losing a lead when any of its competitors are able to deliver a phone with a CPU which compares with the CPU in the 5S released last year.Then we can talk about their tremendous lead in GPU, software, industrial design (1mm thinner is also about 15% thinner, which is tremendous and makes a great difference in the feel), UI, integration, build quality, customer support, etc.Apple's competitors are f'ed and they know it, which is why Samsung...
The "audio format" will be about streaming concerts online, and stuff like that.   Maybe a U2 branded concert social network, similar to the Dre branded Beats headphones.   If there is one thing no one can deny, U2 is one of the greatest concert bands, with some of the greatest stadium shows.
Huh? That makes no sense at all. You can still use whatever card you want (as long as the bank supports it).
While I think the unhanged RAM is disappointing, it isn't such a massive deal on the phone. However, if the next iPad retains teh 1GB of RAM, and does not increase it, it would be an iPad3 style dead generation. The iPad desperately needs a RAM upgrade.
This ad is Samsung's corporate equivalent of its paid trolls going to message boards and posting "First!!111eleventy111!!!"
I get your argument, but I think it is a very poor reason to keep phones at 1GB. Because, by the same logic, Apple will have to wait an additional year for their next Ram bump, because the 1 GB devices have been in the market for 1 more year.
Apple doubling performance 3 years in a row is what doesn't make sense. A 25% performance increase is still amazing.As far as RAM goes, the iPad sorely needs a RAM boost. It's possible that the 4.7" iPhone may be okay without more RAM, but the 5.5 will probably need it because of the greater pixels it needs to push and because the larger size allows a bigger battery to compensate for any battery effects.
By adding a ring of aluminum?
New Posts  All Forums: