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So what do these guys have in common? They are all not Google. Google has pissed all these guys. According to their statements (need not be true, but certainly what they believe) Apple - By creating Android while Eric Schmidt was still board member, and never revealing it would be an iPhone like OS, and not a Blackberry style one). Oracle - By "stealing" Java MS - Being close to uncatchable in Search
I completely agree with this regarding WP7. The swiping gesture is amongst my least favorite on the iPhone (it takes far longer than a simple tap). And WP7 requires you to swipe to essentially get anywhere. Additionally, its extremely difficult to keep track of where you are. In the iPhone, its quite easy, and anytime you have any trouble knowing what status you are in, you always have the big hardware Home button to bail you out.
You completely misread what he said. He said that MS'es giant marketing budget (1/2 Bn $) will be used to convince HANDSET MAKERS (not consumers) to use Windows Phone 7 instead of Android. Manufacturers switching, not consumers, will hurt Android a ton. This is a reasonable strain of argument, considering MS has done this before (IE, DOS). The other problem is when the iPhone is available on Verizon, and Samsung, MOT, etc. see their Android sales DROP. They will be...
Its impossible. The poster you were replying to was too busy snarking to realize his facts were wrong. Also, while you can use an unlocked ATT iPhone on TMobile's networks, you will be limited to EDGE data speeds, rather than 3G (ATT and TMobile have different 3G bands).
Just like many people here (and elsewhere) said they tried to cause their iPhones to lose antenna signals, but could not. But the press (and extremely likely commentators like you) completely ignored those reports.
I know my "internet" usage dropped substantially because of the apps that were available. These are a small sampling of all websites that I used to visit using Safari, that I don't anymore: nytimes.com yelp.com seamlessweb.com imdb.com rottentomatoes.com appleinsider.com (thru newsreader) etc...
HEre's my question. If Apple adds Flash to MobileSafari, will all the rest of these guys have ANYTHING to advertise? I think they will essentially just give up at that point. Both Blackberry, and the Android makers are depending on Flash as the lone differentiating factor.
That makes no sense. For one thing, many people with non-jailbroken iPhones had this issue (although, it barely reaches issue level, considering how minor it is). Besides, jailbreaking is not illegal, so I am not sure where the criminal angle comes in.
Ever wondered why there is no paid version on Android.... [crickets] [crickets] Might be because nearly everything on the Marketplace is pirated anyways, and Android users don't actually buy apps?
Yeah, because there are so many cars, and other products already being built out of unicorn tears... Are you trolling, or just daft?
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