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Shorter andalou: "If I can't be productive with it, no one else can. Because everyone works exactly like me and has exactly the same needs as me".
Great post in general. Of course, one of the huge problems that Apple, Dell, MS, etc. face is that a lot of their components are sourced from their competitors. A lot of their manufacturing are done by their competitors. And all this is done in China, which has very little legal IP protection, and if anything, encourages the theft of IP in practice. I am no American protectionist (in fact, I am not even American) but the Apples and Dells of the world really need to bring...
I agree with this completely. Google really screwed up big time by competing against its partners, IMO. They lost the iPhone ad market (iAds). They will potentially lose the default search ability (We saw Apple add Bing as an option, but more importantly, mention and praise it in a Jobs keynote speech). They will lose the iOS maps soon enough. Now, they are also about to lose the Blackberry Ad market. Something else that will hurt them is Firefox. I am sure Firefox...
+++ But even more frequently, I do a Google search, and the best answers tend to be in the Discussions. That being said, I do believe they can be improved. I think a very useful improvement might be a Stack Overflow style page. Stack Overflow works really well for Q/A type purposes.
This whole Apple TV series of events just shows how ridiculous the media has become in its Apple coverage. 1) They create rumors where the Apple TV can apparently do amazing new things (run iOS apps, ,be impossibly small, output 1080p). 2) They then create a new rumor that Apple wont do all the things the earlier rumor was supposed to do. 3) They then create a rumor that Apple will change its name. 4) A freaking international company starts throwing hissy fits...
Agreed. I don't think anything is gonna come out of this though, so its not really a big deal. Basically, I think this is a combination of 2 things: 1) The FTC is involved because Apple does not lobby enough. They spend the least amount of money (and its a significantly smaller amount, as well as percentage of revenue than Google/MSFT) amongst the large Tech companies. Google, OTOH, is deep in the FTC's business (as we saw with the Verizon deal). 2) The EU is involved...
While I agree with the rest of your post, gotta strongly disagree with the slimming of the Bezel. As Gruber has pointed out several times, if you slim the bezel, how do you hold the iPad without touching and covering the screen? The Bezel is as thick as it is for a good reason.
I am an exception, I guess. I don't like the current iPad form factor. It is more like the Kindle DX. I would much rather prefer a Kindle sized iPad. It would also be far lighter, and far easier to use while traveling in the subway. And it will also be a lot cheaper.
This is a really weird comparison, since the 2 do completely different things. However, if you had to go with 1, I would certainly recommend the PS3 over the iPad. (Note: You can watch Netflix on the iPad)
http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/05/te.../05secret.html Fun. Fun. Fun.
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