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Ever wondered why there is no paid version on Android.... [crickets] [crickets] Might be because nearly everything on the Marketplace is pirated anyways, and Android users don't actually buy apps?
Yeah, because there are so many cars, and other products already being built out of unicorn tears... Are you trolling, or just daft?
Spot on. Also, what about all those folks who were mad, just mad, that Apple would underestimate demand of the iPad (which broke all previous records) and was taking upto 1 month to deliver them, but are stunningly quiet when HP is taking 6 weeks to deliver 9000 units! Apple was probably selling those many iPads per minute at launch.
There is a huge difference between forecasts, and historical estimates.... The former is just guesswork. The latter should be educated guesswork.
I like the idea of "backing up" your entire computer on your portable iOS device. If you come to another mac, it just reads your iOS device, and voila, your home computer is setup for you.
As a dev, I would like to know how many iPod Touches were sold, to get a real understanding of the software platforms. I would assume its at least a few million.
WTF.... So now we aren't even looking at alleged emails from Steve Jobs to make conclusions regarding the future direction of Apple products, but are looking at alleged emails from Apple customer care to developers who post about these alleged emails anonymously on a forum? Seriously, wtf, is wrong with Apple rumor mongering these days...
Look, I understand (but don't share) your skepticism regarding the Verizon iPhone rumors. However, you have to be dishonest to insist that this time is the same as all those other times. 1) Almost all the less fantastical rumors suggested that the original ATT iPhone exclusivity contract was 5 years, but was then reduced to 3 years when ATT stopped revenue sharing with Apple. We have now passed that 3 year time frame. 2) The manufacturing rumors (which tend to be the...
Regd. TMobile's claim about 4G, its nonsense throughout. Fact is that not only is TMobile (or ATT)'s network not 4G, even the next version (plain LTE) is not 4G. That is just false advertising. http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/21/i...eryone-else-i/
Very likely I would say. I think this is really a non-story story. Its obvious Apple does something like this before every release. With iOS 4.2 coming out, its very likely it will be devs upgrading their apps for 4.2 on the iPad, which Apple can demo at a live event if they decide to have one. Or at least feature these apps on the App Store the day the new OS is released even if they don't have an event.
New Posts  All Forums: