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You are completely right, although, I think missing the most important incentive angle.The most important thing to remember about Google, as opposed to MS or Apple, is what their product actually is.Apple's product is an integrated Hardware/Software experience. MS's product is easy to integrate operating software for hardware makers.Google's product is eyeballs, i.e., the users. IOW, the way they improve their product (and hence bottomline, esp. when the market reaches...
This article seems off. I think you are confusing the mapping data (i.e., the maps with the street names, etc.) with the location data (i.e., position without GPS, using WiFi and cell tower triangulation). The latter is what SkyHook does. I think Apple is still using Google maps for its mapping DB, but is no longer using SkyHook for its non-GPS positioning system.
Do you have any numbers to back that up? Going by the numbers in this article, manufacturers not named Motorola, or HTC, need to have sold 1.1mn phones in Q2 (the weakest quarter the iPhone will probably ever have, considering the iPhone 4 leak) to even equal the iPhone. I think of all the reports, there was 1 report about iPhones falling behind Android, but that was an AdMob (Google) report, right after the release of iAds, based on some rather fishy numbers (since the...
Hahaha. In Q2, Motorola sold 2.7m, and HTC is expected to have sold 4.5mn. That is 7.2 mn phones, still 1.1mn short of the iPhone. Now, I am sure the other manufacturers would have scrounged together another 1.1mn phones. IOW, Android devices, at best, sold as many as iPhones did. But (there's always a but!) aren't we comparing OS'es? So, basically, iOS devices outsold Android devices by as many iPod Touch'es, and iPads were sold all around the world. And all this was...
Despite my earlier comment, I do think the Kindle is still a dead end. The right way to do things would be to carry your iPad, which has your instantly downloadable books, and carry a real book, which is the main one you are reading. The problem that the iPad needs to overcome, however, is weight. Its still a little too heavy for eBook usage.
The $139 price point is still a little awkward (but really good). Bring it down to $99, and Amazon is golden. I am sure they can afford it too, since they will make most of their money on eBook sales anyways.
Depends on the individual store. The one I used to visit had ordinary assistants, but the folks at the new one I go to are really helpful.
This whole AntennaGate thing is turning out to be pretty sweet for customers. Buy your iPhone 4 from Apple, and get a free Case. Walk into Best Buy, and get the free invisible skins. Nice.
This is a shareholder viewpoint comment. Apple has shown a stunning ability to invent markets where none existed before. The iPhone when it was released simply added to revenue. The same is true of the iPad. This in direct contrast to: 1) Microsoft - They have been milking the same product for years. Even their "successful" new products are not successes from a shareholder's POV, since XBOX, Bing, etc. are all draining money. 2) Google - They have only been a 1...
This claim from Apple detractors that Apple is deliberately creating iPad shortages is the funnies thing ever! Initially, these same people were claiming that it was just a "large iPod Touch" and no one will buy it. Those same people who were saying it wouldn't sell, and would be Apple's next Cube, are now slamming Apple for not being able to predict that it would be the fastest selling consumer device, EVER! (only to probably be overtaken by the iPhone).
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