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I am not saying people weren't blown away. I am saying that before the iPhone, an all touchscreen device like the iPhone was still pretty much part of science fantasy. However, what was most shocking was Apple went to Cingular, and essentially told them they were going to create the iPhone, but Cingular would not be updated with what it was, how it looked, etc. As admitted by the Cingular CEO, they found out about the iPhone only a few weeks before the Keynote.
I'm sorry Blackintosh, without ATT, there would be no iPhone. You do remember that the iPhone was originally pitched to Verizon, who shot them down... It was only Cingular (and a month or so later, ATT) that agreed to the terms Jobs asked for (including unlimited data). Additionally, while the ATT networks have had problems, at least originally, with the earlier iOS'es, the iPhone was also at fault. Finally, no one in the industry expect the iPhone to be as successful as...
Yeah, just like what happened with the iPod. Oh wait.... I will wait till a device running Android does not need to be heavily subsidized by a telephone carrier, and have no iOS competition on that carrier to be successful before I will chalk Android as the death knell of Apple.
Well, those "delusions" of Godhood/grandeur has made him the most admired CEO in the world, who has taken one company that people were saying should be liquidated, and made it one of the largest in the world. Have you ever thought that, maybe, just maybe, this guy knows what the f*** he is doing? And you, random internet commenter, who thinks he knows better than that guy, might be the one with the actual delusions?
If Apple does not want the iPhone to get reduced to Mac like market share numbers, they really really need to move to other carriers. Now, its possible they may be okay with that (after all, Apple makes more out of macs in terms of profit than any other PC maker does). However, I don't think so. Steve Jobs said that the biggest mistake Apple made in its early years was not go for market share when they needed to. I don't think he is going to repeat that mistake. The...
If Apple is stumped as to what new features OSXI should have, this is it. 1) Incremental File System (ZFS, or another alternative) 2) OS Wide Online Data Sync 3) Offline Storage for when the internet is not available
ATT is making money hands over fist with the iPhone. The "profit warning" (not sure what you are talking about, tbh, since these can be for many reasons, but I am assuming you are talking about when they advised shareholders in the first quarter after the $200 iPhone released that the next quarter profits would be depressed) was issued because the iPhone has a large upfront cost for ATT (they pay Apple the ~600 bucks the moment an iPhone is sold) which depressed the first...
I disagree. The difference is that you wont see Apple TV in classrooms, and conference rooms where you might want to show a presentation. This is an extremely useful feature, that serves a different purpose from AirPlay. That being said, its not like the iPad cannot do it already...http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...eo_output.html
Here's my question. WHAT DEVICE? All I saw was a bunch of mocked up videos on random weird flat surfaces (like a bus stop, photo frame, guitar amp, etc...). This is no better than the iPhone mockup videos folks were releasing on Youtube in 2006. Well, actually, it might be worse, because those people at least had some conception of what the HW would look like. This video only shows a mockup of the SW.
The comparison to Apple's style makes no sense. When was the first time Apple showed us anything about a product without demo'ing and actual working unit on stage first? And are you seriously asking me what is fake about a demo where we don't see the device, but all we see are projections of a touchscreen device on bus stops, guitar amps, and photo frames? For all you know, they could have captured the output of an iPad app they created, and placed it on all those...
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