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This "analysis" is already worthless because it doesn't account for Windows Phone 7 at all. Windows Phone 7 is the first viable direct competition Android is getting. RIM, Apple, and Nokia are all competing with the "HW/SW single vendor" model. Windows Mobile 6 does use the Android model (SW vendor different from HW vendor) but it was never a touch OS, unlike WP7. I am confident you will see at least some deflection on the part of the HW makers from Android to WP7.
That is not a correct comparison at all. Macs were never expected to have BR drives. And anyways, BR drives manufacturing chain is nothing like manufacturing of memory. 1) This report does not say that prices have fallen, but rather, are expected to fall. Orders for memory are placed months and years in advance (especially with the tightening of supply in the past few years). And capacity planning is done many years in advance. 2) Not more than a few months ago,...
Here's the part I don't understand. Apple was criticized for not including copy/paste, and multitasking 3 and a half years ago! Since then, they have added both (I personally don't care much for multitasking, but copy-paste was essential for me. Thats when I springed money for the iPhone). But Windows Phone has neither (nor do they have Flash, but I am okay with that). WTH are people simply ignoring all those articles screaming about lack of...
I doubt it. They already found their inspiration for logos.http://www.labnol.org/software/conne...ome-logo/5120/
Awesome. Once again, "Do No Evil" Google enters a market to hand back control to the entrenched powers as opposed to the customers. Like they did with Verizon. And like they will with Sony and the likes now. Awesome.
Smart Move, IMO. People don't really care about ATI vis-a-vis nVidia. However, the AMD brand has a lot of loyalty and good will attached to it, because they have always been looked at as the David in front of the Goliath, Intel. They are also, quite rightfully, credited with making Intel move towards better chip designs after the disasters that was Pentium 4, and moving the industry towards 64 bit.
How in the world is Amazon absent from the suit? When I read the patent's description, the first thought to cross my mind was, "Boy, Amazon is getting some much needed pushback for the whole 1-click deal. Karma is a b***h". Imagine my disappointment when it is explicitly mentioned that Amazon isn't on there!
It's interesting that you think that this is competition for Apple. IMO (and obviously I am, like most other Tech prognosticators, more likely to be wrong than right) WP7 will be a greater challenge to Android than the iPhone. The reason is the market. Apple is selling the iPhone to customers. Google is selling Android to handset manufacturers, just like MS. Its likely that the manufacturers will decide it doesn't make sense to spend resources maintaining...
You can operate a touch screen even more easily without looking at it. Just use the gestures. But what is even better, and nearly encompasses all the "without looking" operations that the click wheel provides, is the earphone clicker. There is nothing you can do on the iPod Nano without looking at the screen, that you cannot accomplish even more easily with the earphone clicker.
The EFF did a real hit job here. This patent has nothing to do with jailbreaking, but rather theft. Do you really think that they need to recognize the user's face to determine whether the phone was jailbroken or not? Apple can already tell whether your phone is jailbroken. A simple call home method (the kind Windows has been using since XP) would work equally well too. And in fact, you know, there already is a phone and technology that can brick itself if you jailbreak...
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