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Look, I understand (but don't share) your skepticism regarding the Verizon iPhone rumors. However, you have to be dishonest to insist that this time is the same as all those other times. 1) Almost all the less fantastical rumors suggested that the original ATT iPhone exclusivity contract was 5 years, but was then reduced to 3 years when ATT stopped revenue sharing with Apple. We have now passed that 3 year time frame. 2) The manufacturing rumors (which tend to be the...
Regd. TMobile's claim about 4G, its nonsense throughout. Fact is that not only is TMobile (or ATT)'s network not 4G, even the next version (plain LTE) is not 4G. That is just false advertising. http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/21/i...eryone-else-i/
Very likely I would say. I think this is really a non-story story. Its obvious Apple does something like this before every release. With iOS 4.2 coming out, its very likely it will be devs upgrading their apps for 4.2 on the iPad, which Apple can demo at a live event if they decide to have one. Or at least feature these apps on the App Store the day the new OS is released even if they don't have an event.
It's been what? 3 years since the iPod Touch was released? And around 2 and a half since the App Store? The moment the iPhone hits Verizon (if it does, by Jan) Android momentum is only going to be backwards. If Apple does not manage to release the iPhone on VZW by early next year, then all bets are off.
Exactly. Don't think for a moment that the VZW shareholders are thrilled with all that the iPhone is doing for ATT. If the iPhone finds its way to all carriers but Verizon, I can assure you the Verizon CEO won't have his job for too long. I mean, even now, Apple was able to drive over a million subscribers to ATT.
Exactly. This was not about the OS. This was about:1) Releasing those super sexy Macbook Airs right before the holiday season.2) Getting devs on board the Mac App Store gravy train, so they can reap the benefits of all those millions of dollars in gift cards that are gifted during the holiday season, when the Mac App Store releases early January.The OS will be shown in the January event (or the February event, if the Verizon iPhone is released then).
Now that you point it out, thats hilarious...
++++ The real Lion will come out at the January 2011 event, after the holidays. The point of this was twofold: 1) Get developers ready to submit their apps to the Apple Store, so they can hopefully reap the benefits of the millions of dollars of iTunes gift cards given away during Christmas (and used in the month after Christmas). 2) Release the new Macbook Airs, and see millions of these being sold during the upcoming holiday season.
Any Mac developer who doesn't like this is missing the forest for the trees. Just the following simple fact should have their mouths watering. 100 mn. credit cards can now purchase your app with one click. The many millions of dollars spent on iTunes gift cards every year can now be used to buy your app.
I originally thought that would be the case. But after thinking about it, the biggest problem with low RAM is swapping with the HD. This, however, does not have a HD, but more SSD (which is a lot faster) so hopefully, it shouldn't be much slower at all.
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