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Its not the OS. The fact is that the baseband is completely abstracted away. The network chip has enough wrappers, that no one, outside the people creating the wrappers, cares about which network its actually running on.
More importantly, though, its a better product than Verizon's alternatives...
I agree with this comment. I mean, Verizon is handing out to Droid phones for $200. Assuming they give Motorola (or HTC, or whoever is making them now) 4-500 for each unit, they are still far better off receiving only $200 for an iPhone (which probably costs them around 7-800$).
If there are complaints of that nature, they would be terrificly wrong. That would be like calling Android a walled garden because Amazon has a curated store. iOS isn't a walled garden either (although the iOS application system is) because the internet (represented by the standard technologies its based on) is completely unfettered.
Lol...You nearly got me in trouble at work...
Ahhh... Not used it yet, but it doesn't seem up to the par. That being said, Apple's idea of Beta is very different from Google's idea of Beta (and what people have come to expect of Betas, for that matter). Hopefully the issues will be worked out when it graduates from Beta.
First person I am hearing that from... What is wrong with FaceTime's UI? (Or are you talking about the availability issues, i.e. only on WiFi, etc.?)
I think its more likely that this is an indication that in-app subscriptions are coming. Basically, give the App away for free now, and provide easy to access links to buy a subscriptions when in-App subscriptions are revealed. Good idea to make it free right before the holidays, before millions of people start playing with their iPads on the morning of the 25th, and so are more likely to download and try this.
Credit to Sony for at least admitting what everyone does. Copy Apple. That being said, dont forget Sony also makes phones. Its very possible their gaming device will have a phone component.
Actually, thats not true. HTML, etc. are standards, and not technologies per se. You can have different execution technologies that reads those standards differently. I still think that WebOS was the best Mobile OS created yet. I think Rubenstein is right though. They did not have the resources or scale to move fast enough in the market. As they would take a step to get closer to teh other OS'es, the other OS'es would take a leap and continue outpacing them. And he is...
New Posts  All Forums: