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 If we only look at the revealed features where iOS was gaining feature parity with Android, while ignoring that iOS will have those features in a far more secure manner, and also ignore all the ways iOS (and OSX related features, through continuity) leapfrogs Android, then all Apple would have done is achieved feature parity. That's pretty much the attitude I am seeing from the reflexively anti-Apple people at this point.
So do you think Apple will maintain the Beats brand? If not, then all the power of the brand is worthless. If they do, then that would be very out of the norm for Apple (the only similar thing I can think of is Filemaker, and that did not turn out too well for them) and considering Apple is already making billions a year, would b strange to see them acquire a company for its profits. The whole acquisition makes very little sense to me. The only way it works, IMO, is if the...
Lol @ Motorola's patents being worth ~$6Bn. I do agree that the naive analysis makes the paper loss seem larger than it is, but the same naive analysis also ignores all the other costs, including the cash Motorola was bleeding while owned by Google, and all the integration expenses, as well as the opportunity costs spent on acquiring Moto (ignore the opportunity cost of the cash, since Google still has more cash to spend, but what of the opportunity costs of the time of...
I only just realized that $3.2Bn is exactly what Google acquired Nest for.If I had 3.2Bn to spend on either Beats or Nest, my choice would be beyond obvious.
I agree with this. Since the music labels don't want to play ball with Apple, what would be wrong with Apple providing a first class music framework which any of Pandora, Spotify, or Rdio could tie into?
It would be hilarious if Apple is deliberately delaying their SmartWatch waiting for Samsung to waste as much money as possible, before releasing theirs, and showing how it is done.
This just sounds dumb. Spend a small percentage of that 3.2bn to keep good employees like the Core Animation developer within the company instead of something silly like this. This may be a worse move than Brewett.
Since NPD thinks wearables are hype, for the first time I believe wearables are the next big thing.
This may have been possibly true with iOS 7.0, but is completely false since 7.1 (not sure about the exact version). iOS7 did not make the phones slower (it made them faster) but the time durations for animations were too long, which made the phone feel slower. With a subsequent update (again, not sure which version this was) Apple changed the time settings, and animations take much less time, making it a much faster and smoother experience than iOS 6.0. Or you may be...
As a storeowner maybe you want different sizes. But that is precisely the point. For Groupon (and all the other people creating POSes), adding 1 additional size would cost so much more than the cost of an iPad simply in testing costs. And this isn't a silly fart app. These are apps which deal with significant chunks of money, so any bugs could lead to issues which could shutdown the company. Flexibility = Greater development costs. Which is precisely why the creators of...
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