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Ditto. Btw, mowenbrown, thanks for linking the New York Times article.
Here's a link to a related topic that will increase market share of AT&T smartphones (and the iPhone), started today by sammick, named "Starbucks and free AT&T wireless". http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=84228 . JupiterOne and mowenbrown provided links to articles that go into more details. Two statements from the New York Times's article include : It will be interesting to see how many millions of songs and movies (let alone rentals) that are purchased...
Thanks for the update, sammrick. Likewise for providing the links, JupiterOne.
If Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi to AT&T subscribers while at their store, then it should work with those that have the iPhone. Those that have the iPhone in the United States are AT&T subscribers by default. Sammick, are you referring to the "iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store" recently released between Apple and Starbucks?
Ok, since it's not exactly a corporate secret, negotiations in the United States could take another year (or two), and some members here are completely missing the advantages for both Apple and AT&T to having a locked iPhone, I'll mention a specific deal AT&T is working on. It is one among many. So here it is : AT&T is working on gaining the rights so across the United States, anyone with AT&T service can call anyone else with AT&T service, days and nights, weekdays and...
Understood, melgross. With my warped sense of humor, perhaps I should have just used the (insert your forum name here) version from the start.
This was my previous response to bavlondon2 :Perhaps saying it this way will be helpful : For future reference, towards any and all forum members, past, present, and future, whether activate, inactive, or otherwise suspended, domestic or foreign, in English or any other recognized language, the following statement should clarify my position on the subject :
It was addressed to the topic in general, bavlondon2, not exclusively to you. If what you've posted applies to what I've said, then you're included, not singled out. I hope this clarifies my position on the subject.
I’m sorry to hear that, Benz. Both United States domestic and (to a certain extent) international cellular calls to and from the United States, are handled by another agency – the FCC – Federal Communications Commission. The FCC does not regulate contractual arrangements with cellular providers, but does handle complaints about wireless service. http://www.fcc.gov/aboutus.html Naturally, you might start filing a complaint with them at ...
Hiro, TenoBell, and dfiler, I agree with you. Remember before June 2007 just about everyone that now argues the point of the iPhone’s potential success more or less said (back then, as did many professionals) that Apple was stupid even for trying to enter the cellular market. Most of the same people disregard how truly successful the iPhone already is don’t know (or don’t seem to care) that in the United States most businesses fail within the first few years and most...
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