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From jdw: Make a FULL keyboard (with numeric keypad) that is WIRELESS, and I will be all over it. The loss of tactile feedback isn't as big a loss to me as the numeric keypad. I want a full keyboard, yet wireless, from Apple. Whether Apple will even release such or not is irrelevant. I still want one. I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard that has a numeric keypad. A1016. Still works and uses 4 AA batteries. https://www.google.com/search?q=A1016 Apple...
First they want to charge sales tax to me, while I get the same price or better from other merchants who offer free shipping and no sales tax. They want to give me free shipping on their under $35 items for only $99 per year. Now they want to not sell the most advanced set top box in the market, or allow anyone else to sell it on their site. Hmmmmmm........
The controller will have no batteries and can be recharged from the same usb port that recharges your new apple wireless keyboard and trackpad.There will be a power indicator on the back, same as the keyboard and trackpad.
I am slowly getting rid of all google on my computers and then iOS devices. I use yahoo for search.
The main researcher for ASCI holds two honorary doctoral degrees from institutions in China.
A bluetooth keyboard and combined trackpad would be great. They could call it the Badhakonasana keyboard.
Does anyone listen to IDC any more? Ha!
Did someone read her the "Riot Act?"
If I could get of the merchants that refuse to use Apple Pay, I would make sure that I don't shop there.
Bought a silver 128gb t-mobile for pickup at Boulder store at 1:02 am MT.
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