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A bluetooth keyboard and combined trackpad would be great. They could call it the Badhakonasana keyboard.
Does anyone listen to IDC any more? Ha!
Did someone read her the "Riot Act?"
If I could get of the merchants that refuse to use Apple Pay, I would make sure that I don't shop there.
Bought a silver 128gb t-mobile for pickup at Boulder store at 1:02 am MT.
A few months ago, I saw the future of Apple's repair policy. My grandson dropped by wife's new $900 iPad and cracked the screen. I figured that the screen needed replacing. Not so with Apple. The entire iPad was replaced with a new one since there were no refurbs two days after launch. This appears to be the tact with new MacBooks. If your memory is bad, we replace the entire logic board, send the old one back to Apple and repair it. It makes some sense if you think...
I have a mini with 256 SSD and 750 HD. Nice combo. I thought they might do that with the Retina, but I guess it added too much weight. OTOH you can get 750 SSD for $500 over the 512 SSD.
Is it right to publish Steve's SSN?
  I think you will find that all NiMH chargers can only charge to 80% of the capacity of an alkaline cell, mainly because the voltage of an alkaline in 1.5 volts and that of a NiMH cell is 1.2 volts, which is about 80% of the voltage.
The use of Liquidmetal for the back of the phone is rather interesting. Google liquidmetal for the wiki description. This material is an alloy of several metals, including zirconium, which is used for crowns of implants in the dental world. This stuff is strong beyond belief, and can be colored. Good move.
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