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Who let the cat out of the bag? I can't wait till this whole cat thing is over so we can move on to some revolutionary ui @ workflows. What will OS 11 or OS XI be like?
  The hint is in the picture. Samsung calls it inspiration. Apple calls it stealing. The only thing I can see that is in any way related to 'nature' is the picture on the screen. When is the Galaxy S5 coming? or   Really Samsung. As a geek company whithout any afinity with design and inspiration you should not use such misleading words in advertising.   Sorry, couldn't help it.
Let iOS support at least more than 1 apple store account. And let a company buy x amount of a certain application to distribute it among the devices. Have company iCloud storage and backups.
I remember reading in the news that the changes that HTC had to make to the OS is only affecting older and low budget devices. I don't think that they are aware that their customers might not be so happy with the changes and inconsistencies. They potentially become new iPhone users. But HTC doesn't see that and thinks it has won. Ask Apple, user experience is king.
Noise isolating == noise cancellation ? Understanding : question_mark
I concur!
On an other note, I apologise if I've hurt you with my insensitive joke.
Oh may I pick your brain for a minute.
How is my post negating the existence of the problems you have with real terrorism? Who says I don't have problems with real terrorism? To tell you the truth, I could/should have looked up the correct spelling of the terrorist group I was referring to. But to tell me to spend my day finding a brain is a bit out of order. People might get upset with you beacause they have REAL problems with their brain. And for you to suggest that I could just find one is a bit ignoring...
It was probably a jailbroken iPhone with an El Qaida version of airplane mode.
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