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Aaahh so that's what the extra time gained from the delay, out of so called respect, was really used for. Keep the swords sharpened and be ready to draw it at any time. Either way. Better late than never, I suppose. I think google is pushing Samsung to not to copy. As Google cannot use having this image of being a copy cat and fake innovator. I think that the quality of Microsofts app store will surpass Googles in quality and quantity rather fast. They have an excellent...
Games on a blackberry? That must feel like eating with both hands tied behind the back.
Yeah I know, I'm Dutch as well Your last sentence was very amusing
Netherlands judge denies Samsung's request to halt iPhone, iPad sales That should be, Dutch judge denies Samsung's request to halt iPhone, iPad sales I know, it's weird yet true.
RAM is written to many times per second. The storage chips you are referring to have limited amount of write cycles. Meaning your storage space will wear off very quickly. So, not a good idea.
Why not surpass your compatitors and charge 29 percent? Do they need the money? Give your followers more arguments as to why developers should develop for Windows. The beautiful thing here is the following: At a certain point in time IBM, Microsoft and Apple were fighting for a space in the PC industry. Microsoft won. They sold and sell the most copies and still have the greatest market share in users. However instead of Apple trying to beat them at their game they...
At this moment the individual pixels become black when they are switched off. I think one needs to create a technology where you can project an image in a transparent film or glass. And have a white layer at under that glass. Because unlike the door shown in the pictures this glass will never be used to see through but to look at. I'm not an engineer. But I think it would go with the philosophy that if you don't use something than you don't need to see it. MacBook (Pro)...
Why would it be silly? Apple has always gone through extremes to make things that seemed impossible possible. Even if it meant developing new techniques or spending some extra cash to make it happen. To me it's the only thing I think is ugly about the white iPhone. My black iPhone, though not exactly the same shade, is entirely black when the screen is turned off. So I think that Apple would score extra points in the media and user base if they would sort this little...
Are they now going to make sure that the screen is also going to be white when it is turned off (now black)?
What I'm wondering about is; how many trackpads Apple sold along with those new Lion copies. I for one bought Lion for my iMac (2007) and realized that I needed a Magic Trackpad if I wanted to enjoy Lion to its fullest. And boy, was I right. I can't imagine operating Lion without one.
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