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It does sound odd. Especially the way you say it. I read your signature and then read your post again. I'm sorry but I don't understand your post at all. An explanation you pose to your own wondering is that Google doesn't care about Android. Yet you go on by saying that that doesn't make sense because they do care about Chrome. You are loosing me right here. What do you mean by, Gmail not being a part of the Android mail program? How should Gmail have been (more) a part...
Wow, hold your guns mr. Sherlock. Even if you have the suspicion of him being an insider. It is not at all nice to provoke a person whom you think is here to provoke. If that makes sense. I know there is not much benefit in doubt. But please do give a person whom you have never met, nor had the honour of greeting in ways gentleman do, this benefit.
Oh you didn't know that nowadays people don't need a good reason to ridicule someone? Shallow remarks show shallow people.
And as Cpsro has already pointed out, how long will it take for the individual phone makers and carriers to adopt this new OS? I do think however, that the average consumer does not at all perform any research into the frequency of updates being released by different manufacturers, and will therefore just buy the phone that is cheap but looks like a smartphone. Let them rush it and then let Apple crush it. At the end of the days, consumers will not at all be impressed by...
Well that is because yours is short. Hahahahahahaha
Does the iPhone 4 also support mirror view or only the iPad 2?
Oh I see. You mean after one year there still isn't a good alternative to the iPad? Even though Google, Motarola and Samsung had a fully working platform as an example of how to overcome some of the challenges one faces developing a successful tablet platform (note: not not a device but a platform). I'm not going to insinuate that I know how the future will unfold. However, Google gave Apple a year head start and therefore will need all the brains, innovation and funds to...
Beacause... If you want to be taken serious you might want to atleast support your opinion with one citation or reference. When is the next version of OS X due anyways?
I agree with the analysis that Apple is not a social company. Steve Jobs is not social. He is a real good businessman and salesman. Apple doesn't know how to make a social community. They might be lucky with all their iTunes subscribers that make it work. Still I hate Facebook and thus I hate Ping. People can't be/act social to their neighbours but are trying to be social on the web. Being social is not only getting along with those that have the same interests, beliefs,...
Sir, your impolite response is a disgrace to this community. Instead of taking the time to be rude, you should have taken the time to be helpful. To answer the mans' question, which is still left unanswered. I know that windows counterparts such as visual source safe or the more expensive team version of Visual studio. Xcode has an SCM (source control management) system build right into it. Here you can read more about it http://developer.apple.com/mac/libra...roduction.html
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