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Those were not from GP. Next time check your facts before making a point. It will certainly make you appear smarter. The group you are talking about is Sea Shepherd. GP even does not condone the way Sea Shepherd operates. Even though I'm not a fan of GP either; your points are off.
Resolved: A company should be able to take any step necessary to prevent repair under warranty on warranty breached devices as long as the customer is not limited in normal use of the device and as long as the device is not crippled thereby. Sure it's YOUR hardware. But Apple is simply stating that their warranty covers normal use of the device. That does not include opening it yourself. In order for Apple to determine whether or not the device has died by normal use;...
So are you saying that you want a stinking tabled? Why would you want that? Doesn't the iPhone stink enough already?
And jokes are suppose to be funny. I know it's a common thing to say on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. And a "white" guy , as you seem to call yourselves, saying this only makes it worse. In America where the black and white view still plays a big role in society. It isn't funny. It's terms and sayings have deep roots in racism and segragation (apartheid). Any well educated person should know better. The more you fuel it, yes even in (seemingly innocent) jokes, the...
Proven again that you have lived isolated from the rest of the world. You probably have never left your country. Your opinion is probably shapen by movies and tv shows. And everything what your friends tell you is true. Good luck in life.
What I really like to see is what this server does for my home. I see all these terminology thrown around and I have know idea how this helps me out. I'm not saying that terminology is bad. However I do encourage AppleInsider to do a tutorial on how the average mac consumer can benefit from this system at home. All the questions below come to mind. And I don't mean solutions with 3rd party software but are these native solutions build-in in SL server and XServe. Can I...
Lol. This is good news. The more Apple computers are used in these protection hungry enviroments the more it can prove. That it isn't safer because it less used or not really used in highly secured setups. But it is safer because of it's architecture. Let the hacking begin!
Now please support multiple Exchange accounts, view shared calendars, invitation capabilities and being able to connect via VPN to a corporate network (read/write). Thank you.
It depends on your definition of open? Define an open device.
Man you got all that? You must be a real Apple supporter. Man, you sound sad thinking that owning apple branded hardware is some sort of credential. As if anybody here cares whether you have any macs or iPods whatsoever. The only problem is that your point of view is wrong and hard to defend. No matter how many macs and iPods you have. As I read, you don't have an iPhone. Which leads me to think that you are now so much regretting you bought a pre instead of an iPhone....
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