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When did 31 percent become greater than 1/3?
Screw Flash. In fact, can someone recommend a good way to disable Flash in Safari? Generally speaking, Adobe products have gotten worse on the Mac. Everything seems so bloated now, sort of like Microsoft products.
Ok, I admit it. I'm partly to blame.
I say standardize on Mac OS X. You know, keep it simple for IT.
Try skipping ahead to the next song while driving a car and tell me which interface seems more natural. There is something simple and efficient about the iPod wheel for things like adjusting the volume or skipping songs. With the iPhone, I need to first look at the screen to know where the buttons are.
It's a beautiful thing. It's so Apple. It's what the iApps are all about.
Jobs said to be patient. Maybe the children will stop throwing their hissy fits for a little while.
No thanks. I have no need for Flash.
Or somehow use your iPhone/iPod to download ITMS content to your computer, then stream it to your Apple TV. Now that's remote control.
Most of the time I can't stand websites developed using Flash. I wouldn't be bothered at all if iPhone never supports Flash (or Java). AJAX-based sites seem so much cooler (and more useful).
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