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*prototype iPod not working* Steve: If the company fails, it will be because of you. Engineer: I'll get it working. I swear to God. *grabs by collar* Steve: SWEAR TO ME!!
on top of that, they left his Social Security # completely viewable... Maybe it doesn't matter once you are are dead perhaps but it seems like someone could try to steal his identify nonetheless.
Steve's barely been dead for a week and they're already slacking off... j/k
God speed Steve Jobs. You changed my life and made my career. Thank you.
He's waiting for a Blackberry comeback? While he's at it he might as well wait for a beeper comeback. lol
Well, I was referring to state sales tax but universities are usually also exempt from paying taxes to the IRS under section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code.
The Mac App Store, as our Apple Account Executive stated, is currently only consumer focused. Which is language for no way to avoid paying tax even if you are a tax exempt entity like a college or university. Until they build something for that they must release via some other method. Of course, this hasn't stopped them from distributing Xcode 4 as a paid app through the Mac App Store. At that point the only tax free option for Xcode 4 would be a $99 ADC membership...
Somebody *coughSenatorAmy* was on T-MobileĀ… lol
Doodle Jump! Seriously though if there is going to be an App Store for the Mac the accelerometer a key to many of the games to be ported. Assuming Apple blesses the API to that...
No USB 3 and No Blu-Ray
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