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You know what sucks the most?   We are living in an era now days where if you give your card to someone (employee).  There is that stupid chance they, can skim it, or clone it, or whatever.  It doesn't matter where you go.  I don't want my identity or card fraudulently charged.  It's crap, that places don't get NFC/Chip and Pin starting soon.  Because it's the "era" we live in.  It's lame.   It's just crap that you have to give your card to someone.  And it's like...
Drone meets selfie stick. I didn't want either of those, but this I do. NICE. Finally something for my backpack!!!
So pre-2013 Mac Pros, just aren't up to snuff? Really? That's bogus. Mid 2012 is fine and should have been on the list, I don't have one, but if the Mid 2012 was on this list I would feel better FORCE Installing onto a 2010 or 2009 or even as way back as a 2006. But there are differences in the Mac Pro 2013 vs Cheese Grader. Lazy. 2012 should be on that list.
They should take the company off the Dow, just buy it all back.
4 Hours flat, 1 Server 2 Laptops, iPhone 6 and Watch. 1:30pm to 5:30pm Pretty smooth no problems.
I would never setup "Pre-orders" for any company I created. Pre-orders are just bad, bad, bad.
Then why when I come to this site does my flash sometimes pop-up and say, time to update? (rhetorical). Cause you STILL USE flash on this site! We're almost there (getting there)...
So,   If anyone feels like turning off their SiriusXM package, they were pulling the ole, "Comcast" please don't leave haggle down like 4 different discounts till it hit rock bottom at $33 for 6 months.  Just kept saying disconnect service...   I couldn't stand the commercials on 60s and Cousin Brucie   But yeah with Apple Music out it's definitely time to hit um hard.   Laters...
beta 2 was eh, beta 3 is nice and tight, I guess we need to think about odd only :P
The funny part is even if this is true, that's still AMAZING! PER DAY!
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