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But this did not add support for proper split view on iPad Pro! Sucks!
I am impressed, I paired this with my MacBook Pro, AppleTV4, and then iPad Pro, I don't know what the limit is, but all three are still in paired, and able to switch with the disconnect and connect buttons in their respective Apple Menu Sections..
There goes home made chomebooks
You know I was going to wait for the 3D Touch too, cause that would be sick on an iPad Pro 2, but I am like Gazelle, next year we have a date!
All I want is Dual Processor, so whatever ports they decide on is cool with me, that's always been Apple choice so...  I just hope I can always get a MacBook Pro with at least 2 USB ports.
That's what I am saying. I would just make a universal board of all usb-c, done.  Adapter away...
How about just "Bring that new iPad Pro", or confirm the release date, money is melting in my pocket...
 ​One guy says it was an insane thought, the other says it make perfects sense.  I'm confused :D Insane as in good?  That's all I can make of it...
True:)   Just trying to make sense of 10 USB :P
what if they were 10 usb-c, and that was all? and on HDMI, or no HDMI, no Thunderbolt, no Power. 3 Video and 1 Power would be 4? That leaves 6 ports, just a thought...
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