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Yeah MacWeek was the ticket! I remember reading the Dvorak column every month at the end, back in the early '90s hilarious, still can't get enough! (noagenda.com)
AMD? Do people even get AMD chips besides ATI GPUs? (go ahead orcs throw a couple rocks at me or get the point)
Add Bluetooth! Come On!
Where's my %uF8FFWatch!
They're all PC guys, and just don't want to admit, Apple is still not going to die... I could care less, it's comedy...
I still laugh at how easy FaceTime is and I don't see anyone able to compete with Apple on that front...
Diversity is awesome, this is great. (at least they don't have Windows machine) ha jk
All I know is every week when I go grocery shopping, I am sad cause I don't have my %uF8FFWatch with my grocery list (reminders app). And then when I am listening to music with my BT headphones, I am sad cause I don't have my %uF8FFWatch with my iTunes. That's about all for me. And I have been wanting this for THE LAST 5 YEARS!!! It's going to sell. I think so...
Bummer, when I first read this my mind swapped out Lightning and instantly thought Thunderbolt. i thought these were TB2 flash drives! Bummer!
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