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But I looked at the Years, and sorted by year and there were 2 albums that didn't have the year.  What else should I look for?  I am just saying this is making it look like "everything's destroyed"  If you named your tracks correctly then if they went in and fixed Cases Lower/Upper, then maybe that might be something, if you had your own personal case like SoMeThInG, but I also wipe out any Comments and use that for editing purposes.  But as for composer I didn't check...
I don't know, my library cultivated for 15 years and carried over and over, is 100% clean still. Content from all over...
Slingbox will probably take a year after this releases But it will be cool if and when it does.
taking out your phone and using two hands to type a text while "knee driving" is totally different the glancing at your watch and saying hey siri. Or sitting at a stop light and waking then punching a button. This is all bs tho, since when did using your stereo constitute a violation, only because of texting and dialing phone numbers! LAME
No two fingerprints are alike... On another note: 13345675655 = 18345675695
512MB? and 8GB? my $4000 Quadra 840AV had 128MB and a 2GB HD WOW, my my, 1993-2015 22 years later. I mean this is 4 times that machine! On my wrist for 1/8th the cost! SAY SOMETHING! :P
Yeah but if you look at it 60:12:4 when it comes to iPhone:iPad:Mac is spot on really.  As far as what you would expect the ratios to be.  You are saying for every 5 iPhones purchased 1 person also gets an iPad,  or for every 15 iPhones 1 person gets a Mac.  That's about right I think.  Especially if you think about a family who gets 3 iPhones, and 2 people who just only have an iPhone as their main "system", the family gets 1 iPad or 1 computer.
12.6 Million iPads is disappointing? dafuq
All I know is if I can't get MagSafe on a MacBook, I know what I have to do. It sucks but what else can we do. It's pretty stupid killing one of the best inventions Apple ever had. I had 6 MacBooks from the 1990s to around 2003 and 4 had problems with their connections to the power cable, 2 Pismos. I don't how many PC laptops I have seen with broken power connectors, like 50? ok no 30-ish? Please, MagSafe is best thing Apple did to make their Laptops THE BEST in the...
This is choice dudes
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