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This is choice dudes
After watching these videos, I just kinda laugh to myself, over all of the people who thought Apple was too late to the party or saying they weren't even actually working on this. Cause when you see the %uF8FFWatch in action you realize oh, they had to make a completely new OS for this device from scratch (somewhat) but an OS that has WiFi, BT, Internet, Siri, email, etc. On top of that they had to make an SDK for Xcode for developing apps. I mean for crying out loud,...
I want those gloves, dude those are sweet! seriously...
This is terrible, it's so bad when at a certain point things have to get handed of to someone else to do the "Work" and then they just can't do it. Geez
I need to know what happens if you rotate the phone while playing that is
So we won't be allowed to use bright color pattern with a thick 50 pt black line border. Nice. Cause this guy owns the universal f#@king rights? I am sorry but this style reminds me of 1990 clip art! In which there were hundreds of pieces of if not millions!
Geez, go on a little bit will ya (article)? ha! No that about sums it up tho, but I guess you're getting a watch. I am just glad about one thing. That Apple came out and decided when THEY wanted to make this product and wen to release. Interestingly, I think this will be a huge victory for NET Mankind. Meaning all of the people who believe that "Being First" is the Best and Most important thing in business and tech, will be shut down, after Apple reintegrates and...
Man, sure would be nice to get a Space Gray Link, and then buy a Space Gray Sport for it!!
This society is nuts, seriously. I don't care what anyone says 720,000 is not a stumble, sorry. I am getting an %uF8FFWatch, but still. Why does 1/5th of the planet have to have this watch for some douchebag to declare a success. I mean if they made 3 Million. and only sold 720K sure that would be a failure but that's bad business not a bad product. IDK.
what thewhitefalcon said. PP what a pile. In a sad note, I feel Apple has completely left the building when it comes to Enterprise products. I kinda thought Apple might purchase IBM, but they'll probably just consider them their Enterprise Division from here on out, I know these arrangements were made about 2 years ago or more, but that all folks... Consumer and Enterprise, Apple and IBM...respectively.
New Posts  All Forums: