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Well, I am 100% certain people will be able to get Safari 3 for Tiger 10.4.x eventually to replace the beta version Apple has released. Along with a Boot Camp beta replacement also, but who know's about that one... I could kinda see them not releasing a Boot Camp for Tiger saying you have to get Leopard, but not Safari
Does anyone else know or think Safari 3 will be available today? also? after 6 pm?
gees, I know ok... Theres not much going on and I haven't been reading/posting lately. http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-978...g=2547-1_3-0-5
But you get to run 10.4, that's sweeter than a Jan 2008 (or later) MacBook, that only runs 10.5+...
I read about a program on an Open Source site. I can't remember the name, but I do know that it exists. You can't just connect the ethernet cable directly. You have to have a network running, and configured (ie router, dhcp, etc). Thing is you have to compile the program. Once you do that it lets you transfer media to it to watch videos and songs. No kidding it exists...
I swtiched from Suitcase to Font Explorer, damn that's nice...
Strange... The 2 gHz Intel chip was released in like 2003, here it is 2007 and still offering 1.83 gHz. Moore's law is over, just have to say. But I have had to buy from an 840av to a G3/300 for the browser, then from a G3/300 (10.2) to G4 (10.4) for the browser...
I want a Duo size and Duo Dock. One with a Flash HD 64 GB. But a Duo Dock a big one with more ram and monitor stand etc., with a superdrive built into the dock, stripped from the duo. Completely stripped. No other HD either, No FW just one usb port and video out port. FW and FW 800 on the dock, extra USB on the dock, audio on the dock. I think you get the idea. Those were some really great models as far as small too.
Suitcase over Font Book Suitcase lets you use a collection of fonts without copying them to the Library Folder.
New Posts  All Forums: