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802.11n for 5 GHz operation with Airports
I just can't believe no one seems to think 802.11n for the iPhone is just as important 3G, I almost don't even want to buy the new one when it comes out unless it has 802.11n
For me, I am a ratio fan. I like the system ratios to be clean. Basically this: The front side bus is 800 MHz, and the machine is 2400 MHZ basically 3:1 ratio. But what kinda bums me out is that the ram is 667 MHz, on the machines that are currently out if it were 800 MHz ram you could get a 1:1 ratio. Or you can compare ... I like clean ratio machines, as many clean ratios as I can get: bus to ram, cpu to ram, cpu to bus, cache to cpu, cache to ram, pci to...
No it doesn't :P Getting those chapters extracted is a you know what. Handbrake is the only thing I know that gets chapters extracted "very, very easily."
VisualHub VisualHub VisualHub
I can't believe there aren't any other reports about the new 8800 in 1st gen Mac Pros!!! Anyone else have any results after getting one? Like how they are? Because 55 fps with a 7300 in UT2004, and then 220 fps in UT2004 is a big jump. :P Laters... ps I know barefeats.com has some results
I ended up changing both systems to Mac OS X Client 10.5.2 (Build 9C7010) and now it works. They are both using the Xcode 3.1 Beta 3... iPhone sdk. Laters... Hope this helps someone in the future.
I just finished installing Mac OS X Server 10.5.2 on my Mac Pro and was hoping to get into compiling from my MacBook laptop using Xcode 3 and distributed builds. Unfortunately, when I went to Xcode prefs the distributed builds section reported that my machines were incompatible with each other. They were both 10.5.2, both i386, Xcode 3 beta 3, both gcc 3.3 (1823), and both gcc 4.0.1 (5478). What was the problem? The build numbers were different. My MacBook was...
You won't see me upgrading my Dual Layer DVD-R MacBook anytime soon, but I can't say I won't get an external Blu-Ray burner for my Mac Pro, and rip high res MP4 which I will just play on my MacBook if wanted. But in regards to what you are say you have to think about it for a sec, will we really ever see, within the next 5 years, the need for a Blu-Ray Install Boot Disk? or a Blu-Ray disc with software to install? I mean yeah there could be an Adobe CS4 or CS5 on one...
I don't think Firewire is a dead standard. Thats an oxymoron I believe anyway. I pick Firewire for DVD burners or Blu-Ray burners if someone will make one, and for hard drives every time... It's nice to have two buses and two standards. I like usb for keyboards, tablets, mice, flash drives, joysticks, and etc... I don't like it for iPods but for iPhone it's cool, but those are just for that pc market share anyway... Later...
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