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I tell you what I woud like, a Quad Core Mac Pro with just one clovertown chip, not two woodcrest Dual Core chips, Damn that would be nice. But it'll never be out in time to run tiger, damn... I guess it's over that, but 10.5 won't be that bad.
Where did you get the photo of the new mouse, cause I can't find that on apple's site or anywhere else...
They have to have some kind of scrolling though for the mouse, that is a must now days. One you start scrolling you never can go back.
You could try using disk utility to verify the drives integrity. You could have errors on the drive. In disk utility click on your drive and in the bottom right of the window click verify, then repair.
oh wait you said from your external to your OS X (internal), got me on that one... unless it's a USB external and you are using USB 1.1 instead of USB 2.0, but that would only just make it slow... so don't really know what to tell you then
Is your external drive FAT32? Get info on the drive and see if it is formatted FAT32, use apple-i under the file menu for get info. If so that could be our problem... Use disk utility to format the drive hfs+.
Thing is the one on ati.amd.com is a X1900 with 256 MB and the Apple one is a X1900 XT with 512 MB. So if I buy a used Quad off eBay with the X1900 XT then, I have to just put up with that one I guess... suck though... but that is used...or should I say that is eBay...
Is the BTO option from Apple's site the only way to get an ATI X1900 XT for a Mac Pro Quad 2.66 gHz? If anyone has a link for where you can get one without a build to order customization that would be cool to see, been searching here and there.
of course that's what they (Apple and Intel) want you to think... :P
I believe it's over, for both cores and gHz. Since 2003 we have had 2 gHz processors. There haven't been any jumps in speed for a while. And as far as multiple cores I think this maybe the end also, why? XServe. Let's say you wanted to get 32 cores of processing, right? If you purchased 8 x Quad Core XServes @ 2.66 gHz that would cost you $32,000. Now right now you another alternative is you could get 4 x 8 core Mac Pro's, that would be a better solution at $16,000,...
New Posts  All Forums: