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Strange... The 2 gHz Intel chip was released in like 2003, here it is 2007 and still offering 1.83 gHz. Moore's law is over, just have to say. But I have had to buy from an 840av to a G3/300 for the browser, then from a G3/300 (10.2) to G4 (10.4) for the browser...
I want a Duo size and Duo Dock. One with a Flash HD 64 GB. But a Duo Dock a big one with more ram and monitor stand etc., with a superdrive built into the dock, stripped from the duo. Completely stripped. No other HD either, No FW just one usb port and video out port. FW and FW 800 on the dock, extra USB on the dock, audio on the dock. I think you get the idea. Those were some really great models as far as small too.
Suitcase over Font Book Suitcase lets you use a collection of fonts without copying them to the Library Folder.
You could "Make" that with FIleMaker Pro, but out of the box software like that, I doubt. Or have someone else make that for you with FMP.
Well back in the day it was a big thing when you doubled your RAM, and doubled your hard drive. The processor speed increase wasn't that great but it was back then a little. But mainly when you could have 20 MB of ram instead of 4 MB it was a big deal. I remember paying $1,000 for a 4 GB scsi drive in like 1994.
Lately I have been thinking about purchasing a new computer. In my thoughts I have remembered though just how many computers I have had, which is now around 20, http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...3&postcount=60 This has made me kinda take a step back though. I tend to think about kids now days around 14-16 and having their parents buy them a computer for the family and then they might get a laptop for college and then after college they might buy one more system. ...
I'd buy one now that still can run 10.4 incase you don't like 10.5. The way operating systems go the thinner the release the better. And 10.5 looks to be just silly and feature ridden to a bloated status. I love 10.4 I feel it's going to be one of the best OSes Apple will have ever released. It's plain smooth and gets the job done. I would like to run 10.3 but I like the latest Safari in 10.4. That's just how I feel but if I wanted a computer the only thing I would...
I wouldn't mind seeing a Mini Tower (Quad), but the thing I think about are those old Performa days and what not. To Apple: The Mac Pro is "Pro" and "High Quality", The iMac is even "Professional" and "High Quality", The Mac Book Pro is "Pro" and "High Quality", The Mac Book is the closest thing Apple has to "Low Quality" or "Shabby" by Apple standards. But the Mac Books are mostly for the students, high school and college; and as far as the Mac Mini and Apple TV, those...
I was wondering if you can run bootcamp and install WIndows VIsta on a 2nd hard drive and the if you want use Parallels to boot of that drive while you are in Mac OS X, then if you are done with only a minor thing quit Parallels and then go back to OS X; then if you really need Windows boot off that drive. Basically, only needing one install of Windows. Or Does Parallels use a boot image or something? Thanks
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