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I think you can turn on file sharing on your pc also and then have the Apple Script copy over the files to that windows share. Goto connect to server in finder under GO menu, and type: SMB:// ipnumber is the ip number of that PC
You could turn on "Windows" file sharing in System Preferences. Then write an Apple Script, on the Mac side to copy all the files you want backed up at night to your shared folder. Then on the windows side copy over the files. But as far as your windows side is concerned I don't know what you would do to get those file in whatever you have to get them in. Hope that briefly helps...
Damn I didn't even see that error. Yeah that is stupid, hehe.
Aren't you supposed to capitalize English...? (I could care less though)I am just not the dufuss criticizing someone and then making a mistake in the same post... dopeWhat did I mess up on this time? the comma in the title by not putting an "and?"Oh and some conjunctions starting sentences and no commas here and there?Was meant to be a quick post, of a quick thought...-lates
I think it was once said that Mac users are the worst compared to Windows users. What about now with Windows, Mac and Linux users? The one thing I would have to say is that Mac users and even Windows users have complaints about their OS. But it seems to me Linux users bash you (in their forums) whenever you have one thing bad to say about it...
Well, I am 100% certain people will be able to get Safari 3 for Tiger 10.4.x eventually to replace the beta version Apple has released. Along with a Boot Camp beta replacement also, but who know's about that one... I could kinda see them not releasing a Boot Camp for Tiger saying you have to get Leopard, but not Safari
Does anyone else know or think Safari 3 will be available today? also? after 6 pm?
gees, I know ok... Theres not much going on and I haven't been reading/posting lately. http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-978...g=2547-1_3-0-5
But you get to run 10.4, that's sweeter than a Jan 2008 (or later) MacBook, that only runs 10.5+...
I read about a program on an Open Source site. I can't remember the name, but I do know that it exists. You can't just connect the ethernet cable directly. You have to have a network running, and configured (ie router, dhcp, etc). Thing is you have to compile the program. Once you do that it lets you transfer media to it to watch videos and songs. No kidding it exists...
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