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I wouldn't mind seeing a Mini Tower (Quad), but the thing I think about are those old Performa days and what not. To Apple: The Mac Pro is "Pro" and "High Quality", The iMac is even "Professional" and "High Quality", The Mac Book Pro is "Pro" and "High Quality", The Mac Book is the closest thing Apple has to "Low Quality" or "Shabby" by Apple standards. But the Mac Books are mostly for the students, high school and college; and as far as the Mac Mini and Apple TV, those...
I was wondering if you can run bootcamp and install WIndows VIsta on a 2nd hard drive and the if you want use Parallels to boot of that drive while you are in Mac OS X, then if you are done with only a minor thing quit Parallels and then go back to OS X; then if you really need Windows boot off that drive. Basically, only needing one install of Windows. Or Does Parallels use a boot image or something? Thanks
Another way to force quit apps that don't really respond to the Force Quit keystroke or the Force Quit pop-up is to click on the app in the dock and hold down the mouse button till a pop-up menu appears that let's you select "Force Quit", that works in a different way some how. Some apps for quit with that method some with the Keystroke/Menu...
Damn Dave K. you hit the nail on the heaqd with that one. About multiple apps, I take for granted that I am running 8-9 apps all the time sometimes more when working, but on PC if you get to the 4th app (or window) on 2 gHz machine, you might crash and burn, it's crazy, but that is important, and the speed to boot is about the same for windows and macs, as far as when they are ready to use. BUt it's wierd cause you can run 25 apps on a mac if you want to and on a PC you...
I like Tiger (10.4) more than leopard (10.5), I think the machine would run faster with 10.4 seriously. I would get it now, sucks cause I wanna get a Mac Pro 2.66 that runs 10.4 cause after leopard, here come the bogs, that's my opinion. 10.4 is like the gold standard to me, runs so sweet with no problems... Think about it, kinda like how some windows user say they are sticking with XP instead of Vista, well if you wait you'll have no option.
It's wierd to me, I thought about the same thing. I am ratio man when it comes to systems, and I can't believe they make the Chip speed 3:1 CPU:Bus on (2.4 gHz) but the ram to bus is 800:667 or 133:111 thats funky... or 6:5 I guess if you divide both by 133. Stupid, and 18:5 CPU:RAM
I tell you what I woud like, a Quad Core Mac Pro with just one clovertown chip, not two woodcrest Dual Core chips, Damn that would be nice. But it'll never be out in time to run tiger, damn... I guess it's over that, but 10.5 won't be that bad.
Where did you get the photo of the new mouse, cause I can't find that on apple's site or anywhere else...
They have to have some kind of scrolling though for the mouse, that is a must now days. One you start scrolling you never can go back.
You could try using disk utility to verify the drives integrity. You could have errors on the drive. In disk utility click on your drive and in the bottom right of the window click verify, then repair.
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