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All I know is every week when I go grocery shopping, I am sad cause I don't have my %uF8FFWatch with my grocery list (reminders app). And then when I am listening to music with my BT headphones, I am sad cause I don't have my %uF8FFWatch with my iTunes. That's about all for me. And I have been wanting this for THE LAST 5 YEARS!!! It's going to sell. I think so...
Bummer, when I first read this my mind swapped out Lightning and instantly thought Thunderbolt. i thought these were TB2 flash drives! Bummer!
I think people who really really wanted iPads have already got them. And the iPads they have really are working well and seem to last. I think the difficulty is trying to get someone who has a really good iPad or at least one that works somewhat well, but isn't really "demanding" an upgrade, to just get rid of their iPad and run out and buy a new one. Phones are waaay different. I would be surprised if Apple would have no fall off. The product is solid it's just that...
That's cool tho. More users More people online! I am pro keeping "old machines alive" I really don't want computers to be like soda cans
I am telling you, GTA was like "Let's get more money from them", and Apple said NO. The GTA said, ok Bankruptcy! (OPINION)
It's funny because I won't buy a subscription for my Windows 7 machine, until I can use it across all my machines, and finally this is going to happen. Sorry.
There's only one problem with this and the phone calls. WAKE MY MACBOOK!!!
This is awesome but I don't know why it's doing this but my iPhone and Macs are doing this: I have a cable modem email address that is a POP account.  The most annoying thing is that previously I would get a few spam emails to the POP account, not my IMAP iCloud email.   The iCloud emails (IMAP) if I read or deleted them, that would be reflected on my Macs.  Now the miscellaneous spam/or other emails, I get, on the POP account, are synchronized on my Macs/and iPhone,...
New Posts  All Forums: