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A, yeah 4 hours isn't 19. The bear minimum I would purchase this would 12 hours, serious. But I only plan to: Wake up put it on, Look at the time maybe 15 times during the day. When i get 3-5 texts a day look and see if they are an emergency. But the kicker is this, I will be able to get into my 2010 SUV, that will be paid off, and sit down and press play to start my music to feed the Bluetooth dongle patch I have because my bluetooth doesn't do music, that I paid 10...
How about stopping apps from crashing (TextEdit), for no reason after you wake your computer up from sleeping.
mpantone "Well, at least that's a fairly quick turnaround of opinion and he's not sticking his head in the sand. That's actually pretty admirable for a CEO of this stature. Not easy to eat your own words." That's pretty much what I was going to say. You figure he could just live in denial and be a "stubborn old man (CEO)" but he's not, which is cool. Show he is smart.
Later on half of those pages were ads for various stores all over the country.  You could even say that was internet shopping in the beginning!  Studying RAM prices all the time month to month, watching them go down :P  Sometimes that's all I would wait for is the RAM prices.  Weird times now, everything is instantaneous...
Yeah MacWeek was the ticket! I remember reading the Dvorak column every month at the end, back in the early '90s hilarious, still can't get enough! (noagenda.com)
AMD? Do people even get AMD chips besides ATI GPUs? (go ahead orcs throw a couple rocks at me or get the point)
Add Bluetooth! Come On!
Where's my %uF8FFWatch!
They're all PC guys, and just don't want to admit, Apple is still not going to die... I could care less, it's comedy...
I still laugh at how easy FaceTime is and I don't see anyone able to compete with Apple on that front...
New Posts  All Forums: