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Diversity is awesome, this is great. (at least they don't have Windows machine) ha jk
All I know is every week when I go grocery shopping, I am sad cause I don't have my %uF8FFWatch with my grocery list (reminders app). And then when I am listening to music with my BT headphones, I am sad cause I don't have my %uF8FFWatch with my iTunes. That's about all for me. And I have been wanting this for THE LAST 5 YEARS!!! It's going to sell. I think so...
Bummer, when I first read this my mind swapped out Lightning and instantly thought Thunderbolt. i thought these were TB2 flash drives! Bummer!
I think people who really really wanted iPads have already got them. And the iPads they have really are working well and seem to last. I think the difficulty is trying to get someone who has a really good iPad or at least one that works somewhat well, but isn't really "demanding" an upgrade, to just get rid of their iPad and run out and buy a new one. Phones are waaay different. I would be surprised if Apple would have no fall off. The product is solid it's just that...
That's cool tho. More users More people online! I am pro keeping "old machines alive" I really don't want computers to be like soda cans
I am telling you, GTA was like "Let's get more money from them", and Apple said NO. The GTA said, ok Bankruptcy! (OPINION)
It's funny because I won't buy a subscription for my Windows 7 machine, until I can use it across all my machines, and finally this is going to happen. Sorry.
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