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Look at the last tick. Android down, iPhone up. Point.
This is the end of Rim.
Maybe they can include a topic on how dangerous it is to run android near wifi even with location services turned off!
I have to just laugh and laaaaaaaaaaugh. The idea you're running windows and stuffed with Trojans and malware that can read all your Microsoft email and contacts..... the idea that the iPhone data isnt secure because it can be loaded on a windows box makes me just laugh. When are we going to get congressional hearings on why Microsoft still sells an OS riddled with spyware, malware, Trojans and viruses? At this point, MS could be sued for not putting in their user...
Appleis scared of Android? Check yor meds buddy.... it's time.
We will find out if Sprint has in fact done the right thing. So far, they look like a company going under and scrambling to try to save themselves, which is not a pricing model Verizon or AT&T should follow. I'm amused at the blame game of AT&T when similar problems occur for other carriers. But then, I'm a data hound not a voice nut. If I sound better on Verizon but the surfing speed is crap, I'll take a tin voice with fast web access at AT&T anytime not to mention the...
They probably run it under Windows......
A 42 word sentence that contains the phrase "for the second time in twice as many years" is pretty much common for articles on AppleInside HapplessInsider but it sure would be nice if someone with some editing skills...
Not true. A LOT of people will still use the 2.5G phone. There will be more available on EBay, and I think they will be snapped up. In the U.S., as long as the data plan is cheaper and 3G is unavailable everywhere, this thing will be my phone.
When viewing TV on your cell phone, the screen is important. And in using the iPhone, as with many things in life, size does matter. The iPhone screen is Mr. Big.
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