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You have no place to complain about how your OS is running. I was laughing at you when you said you wanted people to fear you. After finding out what hardware you run and have the nads to complain... .....well you really are scary. \
Oh.... I just HAVE to ask what phone that Clarisworks version from 1997 was running on....?
And as long as Apple keeps designing stuff for them to copy they will continue to be good at design.
To use the words of another poster, anytime I see people asking for Copy/Paste... I wanna barf. This has to be the dumbest thing in the world to go on and on and on. It ranks right up there with teh Flash talk, which is just as bad. Copy and Paste would be easy to implement. As long as we're talking about the TEXT clipboard format only. (which many people think is the only thing copy/paste features support) The clipboard functions for TEXT objects is so easy to...
Abramsky is constantly wrong. Like, you can set you're watch by what he says. (knowing it's wrong) I notice people tend to like the guys that say what they agree with. You're down on Apple, so I can understand you being in agreement with this hack. I don't disagree that there are warning signs in SOME of the numbers. But what you seem to leave out, is Apple is handing everyone else their A$$. I think you're right, this last quarter was the Christmas season. Not sure if...
This is why we don't let professors out into the real world, or let them handle sharp knives or complicated machinery. I can't believe the inability to understand the stress and strains of duty for a CEO vs. a guy sitting on a board. This is even worse than I would expect from a professor, but I guess the University of Delaware must be really weak in their business degree department. I hope his students get a discount.....
You need to read up on things a little. These are browsers, built as apps using normal tools Apple approves of. A Plug-in can't be done..... We will not see Firefox on the iPhone any more than we will see Safari or I.E. We could see someone build an App, like these, and make it look like FireFox. It just wouldn't support Flash, support plug-ins, or do anything else anyone that like Firefox would want. People need to just get over it. Apps are great as far as they go,...
Pretty funny. Palm won't even be in business, but pretty funny.
Perfect, and exactly right. A 4gb phone would save Apple almost nothing and therefore change the pricing almost nothing. This stuff started a year ago, and the people carrying it forward are dumber'n a bag a hammers. If you follow Apple's progression at all, you know the next thing coming is a 32gb phone. More capacity, not less.
The only thing that's clear is there are a whole lot of people on Appleinsider that are really gullable. This continues to be the dumbest idea going, and people just keep falling for it. It's a fake. THAT's Clear Clear Clear. People.... come on...... get a clue.
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