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You don't use navigation keys on the iPhone. It doesn't have keys, that's the point. You simply focus on the thing you're interested in and deal with it. On the Nokia, I suppose there is an actual key to zoom in and out... right? After all, I was talking about navigating around an oversized page. So do you use hard keys to pan left and right with scroll bars, or do you actually have kardware keys to zoom in and out? Give us a break.... Nokia's sales are declining for the...
I think you mean the rest of the world, just guessing. You may want to look again, you clearly don't know where Apple gets their revenue and earnings. I think you need to turn that around. Nokia is successful everywhere EXCEPT North America. And that is changing now that Apple has gone worldwide with the iPhone. Suck it up Nokia fanboys, Nokia is going the way of Motorola and Palm. Such has-beens....
Navigation keys on the iPhone? ok, so now we know YOU know nothing about the iPhone too. \
Jody, you should just stop posting about the iPhone. It's clear that you don't know what you're talking about, and even your resources don't say what you're saying. The fact that Google has an app on the iPhone that 30-55 year old people don't know how ONE multi touch gesture works doesn't mean most users don't know multi-touch is there. And another thing, some apps are more important than others. I defy you to show me a study that says most iPhone users don't know about...
Pretty funny. Gee, if Apple had only put Windows in their laptops we could've had a standard.
What a joke. Linux is going to do for the iPhone, what it did for desktops. Which is nothing....
If any of these guys COULD get laid, they wouldn't be spending all there time doing this.
I'm pretty sure MicroSoft doesn't understand much of anything anymore, let alone developers on a phone platform. They have been pushing for YEARS, a platform they felt could rule the world. Most serious developers won't go NEAR windows mobile, so one of the things I'm laughing at is YOU.
Oh right, developing games the xBox is a real breath of fresh air al right. Hehehehehehe
That would make it the MBP. I thought people only buy those from Apple?
New Posts  All Forums: