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After listening to Balmers now famous "It doesn't even have a keyboard..." response to the iPhone, I eagerly await what MicroSoft thinks is a good UI on a phone. Will they eat their words and go without a keyboard? Wouldn't be the first time they ate their words, but if they have a UI people like it would be a MicroSoft first for sure.
I don't think it will ever happen. MicroSoft never admits they have a terrible product, and describing "opensource" as having a lack of inovation clearly means at the top they don't even understand the issues confronting them let alone have a strtagey to deal with it.
you have to laugh at Balmer on the "cheeky" comment when you realize a common description of their browser is.... <...... a poorly regarded and nearly unusable product based on a very old version of Microsoft's proprietary web engine.> Cheeky?\
No it's not. In fact, one has nothing to do with the other. They could've released this stuff a long time ago. Doing it for the game is NOT some master genious plan of capturing the hearts and minds of teenagers. It's a game. They will make money on it. Enough that they will do it. These people are just not that smart, to think about a plan of withholding their releases and then a video game gives them the path to do it is just wrong. We'll see a Beatles album set online...
It isn't the hardware that's stolen, it's the software. Buy a clue, they aren't that hard to get.
Who cares if you buy it. Go away kid... you bother me.
I think it's pretty funny watching Psystar try to pretend to be relevant. Adding Blu-Ray drives and support for everything but movies has me laughing on the floor.... at them!
You can always go to the android store to find a better solution..... not so much.
In addition to what Parky said which was spot on, I would add. It is NOT true that all telco contracts drive residuals to Apple. People think that model caused the Touch to have fees, and as Parky explained that's not true. But also, up to date information on the iPhone contracting with 3G would discount the residual revenue model from many, but not all, of the telcos.
I hope the driving directions don't really have you going the wrong way on a one way street.
New Posts  All Forums: