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Ten bucks....
You only need to know ONE thing about the latest version of Windows. The need to run virus protection..... hasn't changed a bit. Because of THAT...... it's useless. It can mimic other systems as much as it wants, the problem with Vista is NOT how it LOOKS. It's how it WORKS. And how it gets trojened, virused, spoofed, and just all around hacked. The best thing they could do with a new version of Windows, is fix it so the reinstall takes 5 minutes. You're going to...
Obviously a BS-post. When I got my iPhone, my hope is to use it for a least three years. If I do that, I can't switch to another carrier. So while it's pain to contract, it doesn't matter because I'm staying with the iPhone even if I upgrade. (so far I have not) But I can't leave unless Apple opens up other carriers. Won't anytime soon. If that's what you say is stopping you, it's BS.
Maybe we need a version where the keyboard is all glass so the keys can be anywhere and say anything you want. You know.... kind of like a tablet.
This was good for a laff and a haff. The way I remember it, didn't new releases of OS X pack enough punch to cause MicroSoft to completely go back to the drawing board and delay Vista for like..... years?
I'm guessing the comment that limiting the stores they open, will overload the gen. bar staff as the growth in customers will have fewer choices.... is not a concern for you. Not much chance the London store is going to overload if a Paris store is delayed and those customers have to go to London! A real stretch in the article to make this just a little bit more important than it really is. Must be a slow news day......
Let me see if I have this right. Everybody wants the features of the mbpro to be in the mb? And the mb is not useful if it doesn't have the features of the mbpro? Oh paaaleeeese. Cry me a river. Go bltch and moan somewhere else, either buy a pc laptop or a mbpro and quit it with the crocadile tears. It's annoying to see a bunch a sissies claiming to be fans of the mb.
This email from MicroSoft, is just like everything else they release. Not enough for me to be interested on it's first release, maybe when they release a 2nd version possibly a SP II for this email to correct certain "issues".... then I'll pay attention.
...... and even funnier (possibly the Funnest) is the fact that MS has never been shy about completely trashing your current configuration of hardware. Every time they come out with a new version of their OS, you need new everything including printers. So to say NOW that you can live your hardware now and only upgrade what you need in the future is just silly. In the past, every time MS told us the future had arrived, we needed a brand new PC. Now, the future for Vista...
Not the analysts that know what they're looking at. Anyone that knows what they are looking at sees a number much higher than 5 million.
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