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Well, I guess you're going to LOVE the porn machine from HTC.
Just because it's marketed as media streams that are not owned or licensed by anyone else doesn't mean that's all it can do. If it was limited to THAT, I don't think we'd have an issue.
Easy. Consider building an application for the iPhone, that will stream NBC content for free. Now, the content I'm going to stream is also available for sale on iTunes. That content, from iTunes, provides a revenue stream to Apple and also to the actual owner of the content..... NBC. Apple has an agreement with NBC over that content. Apple also has an agreement with me as a developer. These agreements are meant to keep us all protected and safe. Now, YOU seem to want to...
I don't know what reason you're referring to when you say you have a problem with the reason reported. I thought the reason was, they violated the agreement they signed. Period. So why would this app be a problem? Because it can be used to violate ownership issues with content it can download. (and that could end in Apple being sued out of existance) Now, if you think it's somehow in the best interest of Apple to take that kind of liability to help out a little Applet on...
You have absolutly no clue. If you really want to know, just consult the Rim reports. (hint:it's less than you think based on what you say you think) You don't have to make stuff up ya'know?
I think the speed at which it is hacked, will be directly a function of how desirable it is. We will see just how fast it is hacked. (and what people are willing to pay for it unsubsidized without a scontract)
Just exactly how many subscription users do you think RIM has anyway?
I said user base, not new sales.
Everyone that uses it will mutter... "Oh snap!" Is that what you mean?
Yup. It's going to take a long time. Could take close to a year!
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