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I want an app that lets me dictate into my phone and then have that text sent through iMessage. Is there such an app? I want to be able to send texts while driving without looking at my phone. Any suggestions? 
I'll bet he figured it out after six years...
Where's the kinky hair?
Do you have MS word ? It sounds like you have associated pages documents with MS word. Right click on the document and select "get info" Make sure the "open with" tab is set to use pages. you can change the association of All documents here too. 
I can't wait for the lava lamp replacement cover. Or how abut one made with thermal color changing paint. How about bamboo or leather.
It doesn't have to be metal. A simple shrink film graphics skin would be fun for a tiny amount of money. Just slip it on and shrink to fit with a hair drier.
Once the new Mac pros are out, you could pick up a used one (old model) off of ebay .
I had some really weird things going on with mountain Lion just before my video card died. If a clean install does not work I would take it to an apple store and have the hardware checked.
Try "The Print Shop"
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