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I wonder how much custom third party skins will be? Slide it on and shrink to fit with a hair drier.
How about they don't make it a rectangle and so it fits in your hand better.  
The jury disagrees with you.
Slaves do not own guns.
This whole gun control debate is silly. NONE of the proposed gun regulations would have prevented the shootings at sandy hook. What would have helped? The solution is simple, Architecture. ALL security measures start with Architecture. Many security features based in architecture can be implemented quickly and inexpensively. Some of these are as simple as Solid wood doors,and  emergency exits. 
    Nope, I'm saying guns are not more dangerous than knives. 
Tell you what, you get a gun and I get a katana. A fight to the death, up for it? I can survive a gunshot wound. You obviously don't know much about knives or guns.
So...The "Bush tax cuts" were tax cuts for the rich, but NOW their tax cuts across the board. 
It was supposed to be October , then November, November's almost over...
New Posts  All Forums: