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How about if you take his stuff to a pawn shop and then give him the pawn ticket.
It will however work. I'm suggesting taking his things while he is there too. Tell him he's a baby and you are going to treat him like one. Then take his stuff, for collateral.
Just go over to his new place and take his TV. Tell him he can have it back when he pays you.
So, you don't believe the FBI?
You won't get any replies from the left. If anything all you will get are excuses as to why it doesn't apply to them or they will just point to other bad behavior and try to claim it's not as bad as what others have done. The same old tired rhetoric. Right now they are ignoring this story because it puts them in a bad light. 
I don't remember, it was a cheap one.I  replaced it with an acer and it worked. It was real strange, it just said "no signal,I tried several adapters and it just wouldn't work with the mini. I wouldn't worry about it though, getting one that won't work is next to impossible, I'm just lucky that way...
I had a "new" monitor this spring that would not work with a new mac mini. So, yea, there out there. The number of monitors that won't work has got to be really small though, just make sure you buy from someplace that will take it back if it doesn't work.
I'm downloading the new OS on to my daughters computer. Can I log off and have her log on and still have the download continue? Her account is not an admin account.
 Pleas tell me you don't believe this. Using this logic the planet used to accually BE flat.
You talked me into it. I bought one yesterday. It was easy to install and it works great and looks good.
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