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Nixon was the guy that got us out of VietNam
Bla, Bla, Bla...... So far I've heard not ONE solution...How about it? There are consequences to any action. What is YOUR solution? All I've heard is whining about the past.
NO it was about violating the cease fire.
No one said Iraq was behind the New York attacks. Iraq was a separate problem. Those who were responsible for the attacks on New York ARE NOW in Iraq. Are you suggesting that we let them go? Would you like to fight them in your city, or Bagdad?
If I were Apple I might consider it because it would be a new software based revenue stream. There's a larger profit margin in software than there is in hardware.
I think you're forgetting that Adobe comes with it's own resources. Buying Adobe would give Apple more control over the direction of some of the "core" applications.
Thje DotMac web site isn't very "Macish" There are a lot of things that aren't very obvious.
If you publish to a folder you can open the HTML file and add anything you like. I do not know if iWeb strips out extras when the file is re-opened.
I think it should be called "and Cheese"
Or maybe the "Amero" http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=15017
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