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Yea, that's why I'm asking the question...
Yea, to hell with what the people want....
I forgot about that, I guess I should look there first. How well does that work?
What's the best internet filtering software to use (OSX) for a fourteen year old?
Next time just punch him in the mouth...
Just what is the temperature of the Earth supposed to be? Perhaps it's supposed to be warmer.
I'm pretty sure those were ALL muslims, and a Muslim prayer.
My mother almost dies from a flue shot. The Doctor told her to never get another one. She still has trouble breathing years later.
Are they complaining about the increase? Here's an idea, Give your customers what they want. It seems to work for Apple.
Now is it not safe for others? They can Chose to be vaccinated. If they chose not to be, That is a risk they have chosen to make. How am I imposing any risk on them?
New Posts  All Forums: