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Are they complaining about the increase? Here's an idea, Give your customers what they want. It seems to work for Apple.
Now is it not safe for others? They can Chose to be vaccinated. If they chose not to be, That is a risk they have chosen to make. How am I imposing any risk on them?
My point is, vaccines are not 100percent safe. You can't force me to do something against my will that is potentially not safe
You left it out in the rain?
My Mother almost died from a flu vaccine . The Doctor told her never to get another one. Nothing is completely safe. You should not be able to force someone else to do something that is unsafe.
I still can't get playlists to sink on one of my phones HERE. iTunes MAtch is a Mess.
When I turn on iCloud, I loose my play lists. This only happens on one of my phones. Any ideas?
Who says they didn't cure HIV. Where's the evidence? Lets see a list of people who have gone to them and then died from HIV.
Put it in the dishwasher maybe...
New Posts  All Forums: