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It doesn't stream.
So there is an incentive to NOT be poor. good!
Just delete it and get on with your life.
Why don't you get the old one fixed?
Right on Bush's schedule.
It'll be called the 666
I upgraded from a 3G and kept my unlimited data plan. I even kept my phone plan and it's not offered anymore either.
If you do a new 2 year contract you DO get to keep the unlimited data plan.
It can't be as bad as my 3G. It only lasts about 20 minutes now. I feel like I'm limping to the finish line. What happened to June/July!?
The seven members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. A full term is fourteen years. One term begins every two years, on February 1 of even-numbered years. A member who serves a full term may not be reappointed. A member who completes an unexpired portion of a term may be reappointed. All terms end on their statutory date regardless of the date on which the member is sworn into office. The...
New Posts  All Forums: