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When did Obama become a republican? I must have missed that.
any one? This happens when I log out too.
My wallpaper goes back to the default wallpaper after a power outage. Any ideas as to why my settings are lost? (Lion). This did not happen under Snow leopard.
That study simply proves that government is inept when it comes to oversight. Those same private companies would NOT get away with that kind of overcharging in the private sector.
worked for me too...
There are problems with that study. The number is not accurate.
What's he wearing?
I downloaded the free trial but deleted it during the install. It said 2500% complete and was still going! If they can't even get that right I don't want it on my machine.
I can't believe no one has mentioned one of my favorite movies. "Little Big Man". The whole premise of the movie is hilarious. He's telling the story of his life and he's so old , that no one else is alive that can dispute ANYTHING he says. He was everywhere and he did everything.
I don't think anyone is forcing you to buy or play any games. You are free of course to write and distribute your own games.
New Posts  All Forums: