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Never say widespread to a Gay basher.
Looking at Kate Moss.... you may be right.
So it's true. The new 3G iPhone is all that it's"Cracked" to be.
What's a subway ?? I'm from Nawlins.
If it wasn't life-threatening, and didn't affect his long-term capacity to serve, it did not need to be disclosed. Period. However...... Since the world is all about how things are perceived. And Steve at WWDC look like he was at death's door to me. Someone had some "splainn to do Lucy". We all know he is a god. But he would not be if not for the stock holders.
Good grief. I thought I was the only one with nothing better to do ....then I found this site, geezzz. Maybe Steve ingested one to many Apples,.... he do love it to the core.
And ya'll ain't fooling me. Those photos were done over with CS3,using the smog filter.
I don't know about looking like ass. But shouldn't "Genius Bar" be written in chinese.
Our friend Gary Allen from ifoAppleStore has made the grueling journey across the Pacific to be on hand for tomorrow's grand opening at 10:00 a.m. What he do swim ??
Furthermore, what constitutes an "original idea"?[/QUOTE] "Hey dude, take a bite outa this Apple!"
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