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I think 'murch is just trying to make himself feel better about needing to buy a new iMac more than the new iPad he wants to buy...
I would agree with that. I have read that an increase in resolution to 1600x1200 may be in the works for rev3 but that seems like a less than ideal step... As per the iPhone name, I have no name to offer and I wasn't trying to say you are wrong, just pointing out that the past wonky naming pattern hasn't been tied to revision/os/chip.
The 5th generation iPhone running iOS 5 on an A5 processor is called the iPhone 4s. I have no idea what the next iPhone will be called nor do I really care, I just don't think iPhone 6 is a given for the reasons you stated. As for the iPad it doesn't sound like the "retina" display will show until the 4th revision.
I've wondered if Apple would respond to MS's new ad campaign in any way through their Get A Mac commercials. Well I think the new Bean Counter ad is a brilliant parry, not too overt but still giving MS a taste of the back of their hand. http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/
Yeah they emailed me back asking what model PowerMac I had. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back again. My guess is that is should work fine...
Damn, that's a good price. I sent that websites tech support an email asking about voltage and Apple compatibility (like they'd know). At that price I would max out my Sawtooth too..
^^^^^^ Cool! What brave soul is going the try 10.5 on a G3 processor???
Didn't Bill gates say that no one will ever need more than 64GB of RAM?
Way to help out there Dave K... A quick search of Google seems to support your suspicion of the Daemon utility. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306329
^ Bingo!
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