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Only the 24" iMac has this feature right now and it (reportedly) uses an "MXM" card. MXM is Nvidia's mobile PCI Express implementation. Yes, the card is technically upgradeable. No it is not as simple as a desktop card swap. MXM cards are few and far between and most likely the two versions available for the 24" iMac are the only two "Mac" compatible MXM cards to exist.
Maybe the Apple is the flash Nah...http://images.appleinsider.com/event...roto-mw-27.jpg
Vintage Eddie Murphy standup routines - back when he was funny.
If all your posts were taken away that contained the words "poo" or "holy rigatoni," your post count would probably be 57.
November is a little soon to expect everyone flock to NEC's univ. chip when it went on sale in late October. Since that time Broadcom has also announced a universal chipset and Ricoh has announced a laser that will adjust to whatever format it reads. As for just around the corner, Samsung says their universal player will ship in early 2007 and Nec, Toshiba, and Sony have already announced plans to manufacture universal players as well. I'm not saying we're going to wake...
Isn't all of this going to be a moot issue now that hybrid players are right around the corner and hybrid player/burners are sure to come out in '07
[Nelson] HA ha!! [/Nelson] Does anyone know/remember what the initial iPod sales figures were for its first sales month and quarter?
I'll play your troll game for a round... I hate PC's because: 1. Win annoys me 2. We don't claim the hardware is superior, just design and software. Lord knows a PC has never shown up DOA. 3. WinFanTards say stupid things like "I get eleventy bi11!!!11ion FPS in FEAR" and other such nonsense and lose all credibility. 4. Too much software; spyware, adware, virus's, trojans, etc. 5. About the only file types I hear of anymore that a "Mac" won't open (not counting Macs...
New Posts  All Forums: